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NEW YORK, NEW YORK - MAY 19: Pepsi celebrates that pizza goes #BetterWithPepsi by teaming up with Culinary Institute of America (CIA) Consulting to reimagine America's favorite pizza topping on May 19, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Pepsi)

Okay, we tried this over the weekend, IT WORKS! DOES this pizza trick SAVE money, by 40%?

Domino’s May NOT Want You To See This

Sometimes on a rainy Sunday there is nothing better than your favorite pizza, and some streaming TV. THAT was yesterday for us. Our favorite is a Hawaiian from Domino’s with BACON.

My wife found this bizarre Facebook video from a dude who calls himself The President Of The Fast Food Secrets Club. (We hope he has good medical. I don’t think that’s an elected position.) His name is Jordan Howlett, who claims he has not paid full price for a pizza in twenty years. Well with THAT claim, you gotta tap the breaks and investigate.

Jordan’s video tip is easy and fast. He calls it the Domino’s Pizza Fast Food Secret. After watching his video five times, I couldn’t resist. We had to try it.

Step One

If you like the Domino’s large pizza, order it ON LINE and take out. We used the app. You must put THREE TOPPINGS on it. Even if you don’t want three, you can use EXTRA cheese as a topping.

Step Two

Before you pay, type in promo code 9174, and your price will take off 40%.

For a medium pizza, put FIVE toppings on it, and type in promo code, 5162. You’ll save 40%

So, let see: will this pizza trick save money? It did for us. Since this video was easily found on You Tube, this secret, must be out. So hit it while you can! Good luck!





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