Better Time to Shower, At Night?

I need the shower in the MORNING to wake UP. Who doesn't? But this expert says showering at NIGHT may be BETTER for us? A dermatologist settled the age-old debate: You should always shower at night To shower at night or in the morning, that is the question. If you're morning person, you'd only ever…

MA Officer Gets Beautiful Sign Off

Get ready, this one will get ya!! Fox News on Twitter 'IT'S TIME TO GO HOME': A retiring Massachusetts police officer was shocked when an unexpected voice came over the radio as he made his final call. https://t.co/k8wG0YYmiC https://t.co/Q1ermdCrbH  

Kelsey Grammer Sings, Channels Inner Bowie

We knew that TV's Frasier, Kelsey Grammer could sing, but Bowie? Check out his Karaoke version of Let's Dance.  With rumors of Frasier making a comeback, Kelsey know's how to create a buzz. Kelsey Grammer Channels His Inner David Bowie for Live Karaoke | TMZ Give Kelsey Grammer credit ... dude swings for the fences…