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Woman’s Hack For Wrapping Christmas Presents Is Pure Genius

Tis the season for...wrapping So, you done all the shopping (online and instore) and now that the fun part is over it's time to wrap all those presents up. If you are dreading the wrapping part of the holiday season, you might want to check out what this woman does to make the experience much more enjoyable. We wrap them in our bedrooms, our closets or if you're like my wife, you do all the wrapping in the basement. It's not exactly the coziest place to get into the holiday spirit. The boiler coming on every 20 minutes on a cold winter's day. No Christmas tree in sight, just the basic basement storage items. Mom's getaway place I don't know how she spends so much time down there. We don't have a finished basement. Just a cold cement floor and an old desk that she takes over and it becomes Mom's little Christmas Corner. Sure, she has all the wrapping paper and boxes and scissors and tape. All the tools of the trade. There has to be a better way There are at least two kinds of moms. One loves to wrap and it shows with the beautiful tight and pretty presents that are the finished product. She will help anyone anytime that needs an assist and the other is the type  that doesn't enjoy it as much and will put it off till a day or two before Christmas. It doesn't matter which of these two you are because there is a mom that has cracked the code and has come up with a hack that even someone that loathes wrapping can embrace.   You can check in A mom on TikTok is going viral for planning her third annual gift-wrapping getaway at a HOTEL. She books a room for herself and leaves her kids at home.  That way, she's got no distractions and doesn't have to be sneaky with it. It also doubles as a weekend getaway just when she needs one . . . at the most stressful time of the year. She booked two nights last year . . . watched TV while she wrapped . . . ordered take-out . . . and drank a few beers. People online are embracing the idea and coming up with tweaks.  For example, you could make it more affordable by joining up with a few other parents and renting an Airbnb together.  (NY Post)   That's a wrap! (Here's her video from last year.)

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