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Apple Has A New Feature That Will Help Motion Sickness

Everyone knows somebody that suffers from motion sickness. In my family it's my wife and youngest daughter. They cannot ride in the backseat of a vehicle without getting a little sick and sometimes, a lot sick. We have taken long road trips over the years where they would trade seats just to give themselves a break from being nauseous. Of course that doesn't work well because it's not long before one of them gets sick. The usual remedy for people that suffer with motion sickness is to keep Bonine or Dramamine in stock and preferably in the car. This is all okay as long as they remember to take them at least half an hour before heading out on the road. If not, it will not be pretty. People who suffer from motion sickness know how debilitating it is. Most will forgo long trips or even short ones when they know that there will be lots of twists and turns. As far as going on the water, that is the ultimate test of your ability to deal with motion sickness, or as it is referred to as, "sea sickness". Let's put it this way, in order for my wife and daughter to shove off to sea, they have to be dosed up before even looking at the water. As if the water was bad enough for motion sickness sufferers you can just forget about getting on a roller coaster or any rides that do a loop di loop! Apple wants to ease your motion sickness One of the few things that stops some people from looking at their phone is:  Riding in a car.  Looking at your phone, or reading anything, can induce motion sickness.  But Apple is unveiling a new feature that can help with that. It's called "Vehicle Motion Cues" . . . and it just looks like animated black dots around the edges of your iPhone or iPad screen, which MOVE to represent the movement of the vehicle. The say this should help some people, because, quote, "Motion sickness is commonly caused by a sensory conflict between what a person sees and what they feel."  The feature can be turned on and off in the Control Center.

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