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Frankly, These Are 5 Famous Movie Lines That You Might Be Miss Quoting

What movie you quote says a lot about you These are the 5 miss quoted movie lines that you might be missing quoting. People of my generation can quote so many lines from the movies that you would think we got the scripts, in reality we have seen these movies so many times that the lines become part of our vernacular. We sometime judge people on their ability or inability to quote these movies. If you don't know the famous lines that Bill Murray and Chevy Chase were bandying about in Caddyshack, or John Belushi in Animal House, hen we might not be friends. What are your movie quotes of choice? My friend Lauren can name so many lines from the movie Steel Magnolias that you would think she has to have had seen it no less than 25 times. She often says "my colors are blush and bashful" or "you have the hand writing of a serial killer." Her favorite  is quoting Olympia Dukakis with her famous line " I love more than my luggage". Not sure what that means but it sounds like true love. We use these quotes every day Go ahead make my day, I’ll be back, these are just a couple of great movie lines that have made it into our every day language. I recall a skit on Saturday night live in which people were applying for a big-time sales job, and the person who ended up getting the lucrative position was the one who could quote nearly every line from the movie Caddyshack. In the  scene he got the job because the person in the hiring position felt most comfortable with this person because they had so much in common. It goes to show you how we use movie quotes to communicate in ways that work their way into our every day lives Here are the top 5 movie lines we miss quote the most

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