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Favorite Childhood Gum Ranked

Before we get to your favorite childhood gum ranked, let’s say bye to the the most disappointing gum ever:

Farewell, Fruit Stripe Gum: The Quickest Romance in the Chewing World

Let’s mourn the passing of an iconic chewy companion—Fruit Stripe gum.

If you’re wondering what the fuss is about, you’ve probably never tasted the fleeting joy that is Fruit Stripe.

Picture this: a burst of rainbow colors and a zebra sporting shades on the wrapper. You’d think you’re about to embark on a flavor adventure that’ll last for days.

Hold up, loser. You’re about to get real sad, fast.

The reality is a swift kick to your taste buds. The flavor of Fruit Stripe gum is like a one-hit wonder —annoying and short-lived.

Legend has it that Fruit Stripe gum dates back to the era when neon windbreakers and slap bracelets ruled supreme—the ’60s. It quickly became the go-to gum for kids across the globe, its zany packaging promising a party in your mouth. But, oh, how quickly the party fades! It’s like the gum manufacturers had a bet to see how fast they could make a flavor disappear.

Now, let’s not forget the other contenders in the disappointing gum Olympics. Bubble Tape, with its tantalizing length that tricks you into thinking it’ll last longer than a sitcom episode, only to leave you with a deflated bubble in seconds.

And Bazooka Joe, the gum that practically requires a jackhammer to make it chewable.

But here’s a revolutionary idea: maybe adults should ditch gum altogether.

Have you ever met a grown-up who looks sophisticated while smacking on a wad of gum? Doubtful. It’s like trying to look cool while wearing socks with sandals—it just doesn’t work.

And kids, let’s talk about swallowing gum and falling asleep with it. Your stomach is not a graveyard for chewed rubber! And don’t even get me started on the hair situation. It’s a sticky tragedy waiting to happen.

So, farewell, Fruit Stripe gum.

You may have disappointed us in the flavor department, but you’ll always have a special place in our hearts—or stuck in our hair. Chew responsibly, my friends!

Favorite Childhood Gum Ranked:

  • 5: Razzles

    Razzles gum: the sneaky shape-shifter of the candy world. One minute it’s a hard candy, and the next, it’s masquerading as gum, leaving your taste buds more confused than a middle school boy at a school dance. It’s the candy that can’t make up its mind—kind of like trying to decide what to order at a restaurant with an overwhelming menu.

  • 4: Bubble Yum

    Bubble Yum gum helped you blow bubbles bigger than your weekend plans and defied the laws of physics. It’s the only thing that can make you feel like a bubble-blowing maestro until, inevitably, it turns into a sticky alien invasion on your face. Chewing Bubble Yum is like having a tiny party in your mouth, and by party, I mean a confetti explosion of sugar chaos.


  • 3: Hubba Bubba

    Hubba Bubba: the superhero of gums, rescuing kids from boredom with its bubble-blowing powers and rainbow of flavors. The Max Strawberry/Watermelon? THE BEST. It’s the only gum that turns a quiet playground into a popping extravaganza, making recess the highlight of every school day. Hubba Bubba: every chew is a mini adventure that transforms ordinary moments into sticky, giggly memories.

  • 2: Bubblicious

    Bubblicious gum: “gumball wizardry.” It’s the Willy Wonka golden ticket of the gum world, promising a journey of flavor discovery that would make even the most seasoned taste buds jealous. Chewing Bubblicious is like having a flavor fiesta in your mouth, and if you’re not careful, your jaw might just file for overtime pay.

  • 1: Big League Chew

    Big League Chew: the MVP of gum, giving you the taste of victory and the swagger of a baseball pro without the need for a glove. It’s the only gum that turns every chew into a seventh-inning stretch, making you feel like you just hit a home run even if you’re just sitting on the couch. Chewing Big League Chew is the closest most of us will get to the thrill of the major leagues, and let’s face it, blowing a bubble with this stuff is the real grand slam.

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