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Rascally Rabbit Rescued In Rhode Island River

Well, you don't see this everyday: A woman diving into the Providence River on the 4th of July, not for fireworks for fun. But for a furry little... rabbit. Yes, you read that right. A rabbit. This daring rescue took place during the WaterFire celebration, a beloved event in Providence. WaterFire is a series of bonfires lit on the rivers of downtown Providence, creating a magical atmosphere. It's a must-see if you're ever in town. Emily Swift, a visitor from New York, captured the whole rescue on TikTok. The video is now going viral. According to WJAR-TV, it was quite the scene: “Something caught my eye on the side of the river,” said Newell Roberts, a gondolier on the Providence River. He was working that night when he noticed the commotion. The woman jumped into the water by the Steeple Street Bridge and swam straight to the rabbit. A WaterFire captain quickly drove over to assist, ensuring the duo's safe return to shore. "We threw the life ring out, we have a ladder, we put that on the side of the boat so we could get her up... and she would not let go of the rabbit. She was bound and determined the rabbit was coming with her," said Christine Maino, a WaterFire captain with 26 years of volunteer service. Topher Hamblett, Executive Director of Save the Bay, commented on the river's condition to WJAR. “The Providence River is not exactly the cleanest or safest for swimming. When we get rainstorms in the Providence area, our rivers become very polluted very quickly,” said Hamblett. Though the river quality is improving, diving in is still not recommended. The identity of the brave woman remains unknown, but her actions have earned her the admiration of many. “I think we are all animal lovers at the end of the day, and we have certain levels we'll go to. Hers was a little higher than ours," said Roberts. By the way, can rabbits swim? Yes, they can, but they don’t typically enjoy it. Rabbits are more at home on dry land, munching on veggies. Or, at my house, all my flowers. This rabbit, however, was lucky to find a hero who didn’t mind a swim to save the day.

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