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26 Boston Restaurants Now Welcome Dogs on Patios for Unfurgettable Dining

26 Boston Restaurants Now Welcome Dogs on Patios for Unfurgettable Dining Hold onto your leashes, Bostonians, because the city has unleashed a howling good policy! Restaurant patios are now open to our furry friends for the summer, and it's creating a canine revolution of gastronomic proportions! Thanks Mayor Wu! Now we have 26 Boston Restaurants Welcome Dogs on Patios Picture this: you're sipping a refreshing cocktail, basking in the warm sunshine, when suddenly, a pack of Pomeranians struts in wearing sunglasses and tiny Hawaiian shirts. It's like a doggy fashion show, and every tail is wagging in approval. Who needs a catwalk when you have a dogwalk? But it's not just about the fashion, folks. These doggy diners are bringing a whole new level of entertainment to our meals. From Bulldogs trying to snag a slice of pizza to Poodles practicing their table manners, it's a sidesplitting spectacle that will have you laughing so hard your dessert might just fly out of your mouth. Not only that, but the dog-friendly patios are a catalyst for new friendships. The pooch-loving community comes together, swapping treat recipes and exchanging tips on the best doggie spas in town. It's like a secret society, where the only password is a wag and a lick. And let's not forget the economic bone-us! More dog-loving customers mean more revenue for these restaurants. People are lining up just to be surrounded by fluffy tails and wet noses. Who needs a celebrity chef when you can have a celebrity dog at the next table? So grab your furry best friends, Boston, and head to the nearest dog-friendly patio. It's a summer sensation that will make your taste buds and your tail wag with delight! Just remember: The program depends on individual restaurants applying, so it's a good idea to check before you show up with Fido. Wu’s office shared a list of guidelines for dog owners at any of the new pet-friendly spaces: All dogs must always be leashed or in a pet carrier. You’re not allowed to let dogs eat off plates. Dogs also aren’t allowed to sit on the table or in chairs. Consider bringing your dog a disposable water bowl. Here 26 Boston Restaurants that Welcome Dogs on Patios:

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