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Three Things Your Amazon Driver Hates

Delivering These 3 Things Makes Your Amazon Driver Want to Quit

Amazon driver Jennifer Lewis is going viral for listing the top three things she wishes we’d stop ordering online.

And let’s be honest. We need to pay attention to these seasonal heroes – the real Santas schlepping packages house to house. It’s no merry sleigh ride for them; it’s a marathon of doorbells and heavy lifting.


Three Things Your Amazon Driver Hates?

Imagine being an Amazon driver during the frenzy – a time when the world transforms into a chaotic wonderland of online shopping.

You’d think these drivers are training for the next heavyweight championship, not just delivering packages.

They’re the true muscle of Christmas, hoisting everything from the latest gadgets to the kitchen sink, and sometimes even the whole kitchen!

Speaking of heavy, let’s talk statistics.

On a typical day, Amazon drivers deliver up to 350 packages.

During the holiday season, Amazon does more deliveries than Santa on his busiest night.

In fact, it’s like Santa, his elves, and the reindeer unionized and outsourced the job to Amazon. The numbers are staggering – millions of packages zipping across the globe faster than you can say “Rudolph.”

Now, picture an Amazon driver turning into your street with a delivery that could give even Arnold Schwarzenegger a run for his money. It’s not just a package; it’s a test of strength, a feat of human endurance. These drivers deserve a gold medal and a chiropractor appointment.

So, this Christmas, as you unwrap your gifts, take a moment to appreciate the unsung Santas – the Amazon drivers schlepping their way through the holiday hustle.

And if you’re thinking of ordering a life-sized dinosaur sculpture or a grand piano for next year, maybe cut them some slack. After all, lifting spirits is hard enough!

Here’s the video:


And here are the Three Things Your Amazon Driver Hates Delivering:

  • Kitty Litter

    It’s heavy. And it doesn’t take long to go through it, so people are constantly ordering it on Amazon now. She wishes you’d just pick it up at the grocery store. I mean, it’s easy.

  • Dog Food

    Who does this? (Except maybe elderly, frail people.) Those bags can weigh 30, 40, or even 50 pounds.  And it’s something you can get at grocery stores or Petco. Get off your butts, people! 

  • Bottled Water

    Amazon sells 40 packs, and they’re not light.  It’s another thing you can get yourself at a grocery store or Costco.

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