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Teenager holds a banner with the word ok boomer against nature background. Ok Boomer is a popular phrase among generation z to dismiss or mock baby boomer generation.

Things Boomers Waste Money On

5 Things Gen Z Thinks Are A Stupid Waste of Money That Boomers Still Love

According to a new report, Boomers waste money on a lot of silly stuff. Read it HERE.

Those Boomers – the generation that mastered the art of spending, often on things that might seem a tad… extravagant. So, why do they love to splash their hard-earned cash on what some might call “a waste of money”? Boomer spending habits are a fascinating subject.

Firstly, Boomers have been around the block, and they’ve worked hard for their money.

Retirement is here, and they’ve decided it’s time to treat themselves. From luxury cruises to high-end golf clubs, they’re all about enjoying the fruits of their labor.

But what about the friendly jabs at millennials for their love of DoorDash and avocado toast?

It’s all in good fun (or so they claim). Boomers might chuckle at the idea of paying for a smashed avocado on artisanal bread, but let’s not forget their penchant for pricey hobbies like collecting rare coins or antique cars.

Boomers also have a love for the classics.

Vinyl records, vintage cars, and antique furniture – they appreciate the enduring quality of these items. While some may argue it’s a waste, Boomers see it as a timeless investment.

Now, let’s talk about those elaborate family dinners.

Sure, it might seem like an unnecessary expense, but for Boomers, it’s about creating lasting memories. They’ve got the money, and they want to share the joy with their loved ones – even if it means breaking the bank for a lavish feast.

Boomers have earned the right to spend their money however they please.

They’ve worked hard, they own all the real estate, and now they’re savoring every indulgence that life has to offer.
But there are some really stupid things Boomers waste money on, and Gen Z has a problem with them.

5 Things Gen Z Thinks Are A Stupid Waste of Money That Boomers Still Love:


  • Landlines

    For Boomers, landlines are like the ancient artifacts of communication, right up there with carrier pigeons and smoke signals. It’s not just a phone; it’s a reliable time traveler to the pre-digital era. Imagine the satisfaction of slamming down a receiver after a heated argument? GOLD. Plus, they take pride in confusing the grandkids with tales of rotary dials and busy signals. So, why are landlines so important? Nostalgia. And if the end of the world happens, what forget the cell. Say hi to Ma Bell!

    Things Boomers Waste Money On

    Old telephone and mobile phone on a blue wooden board

  • Greeting Cards

    Sentiments sealed with a lick and a stamp? Boomers LOVE THEM. Greeting cards to Boomers are like the handwritten emojis of yesteryear – a heartfelt treasure trove of love and indecipherable handwriting. Ahhhh, the tactile joy of opening an envelope, savoring the suspense of a carefully chosen card. It’s a tangible reminder that someone took the time to pick the perfect sentiment, slap a stamp on it, and send it sailing through the snail mail universe. Plus, they love the challenge of deciphering handwritten messages, a lost art in the digital age.

    Things Boomers Waste Money On

    NEW YORK – JUNE 13: Father’s Day cards sit in a Hallmark store June 13, 2003 in New York City. Father’s Day is June 15. (Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images)


  • Fancy Home Appliances

    Boomers and their love affair with quirky appliances – it’s like a culinary circus in their kitchens! Espresso makers and air fryers might seem like unnecessary extravagances, but to Boomers, it’s about culinary conquests. The espresso maker? It’s their secret weapon against sluggish mornings, a java-powered jolt to kick-start the day. And the air fryer? Well, it’s their crispy, guilt-free rebellion against traditional frying. Sure, they could stick to the basics, but where’s the fun in that? For Boomers, these gadgets aren’t just about convenience; they’re about turning the mundane into a delicious adventure, one espresso shot and air-fried delicacy at a time.

    Things Boomers Waste Money On

    Home appliances. Household kitchen technics in the empty room. 3d illustration

  • Big Cars

    Boomers and their colossal cars – it’s like they’ve got a personal mission to keep gas stations in business. Boomers aren’t just driving; they’re rolling down memory lanes in their four-wheeled time capsules. Those big cars aren’t just vehicles; they’re nostalgic chariots of road-trip dreams and trunk space extravaganzas. Sure, they might raise a few eyebrows at the pump, but for Boomers, it’s all about cruising through life with a dashboard full of memories and enough space to smuggle half the contents of a garage sale. Go big or go home, right?

    Things Boomers Waste Money On

    Car fueling at gas station. Refuel fill up with petrol gasoline. Petrol pump filling fuel nozzle in fuel tank of car at gas station. Petrol industry and service. Petrol price and oil crisis concept.

  • In-Store Shopping

    Boomers and their love affair with brick-and-mortar stores – it’s like they’re on a quest for the retail Holy Grail. Why abandon the ease of online shopping for a trek through actual stores? Well, for Boomers, it’s a sensory expedition. They want to touch, feel, and maybe even sniff that new sweater before committing. It’s a social event, a chance to bump into old pals in the frozen food aisle. It’s not just about the purchase; it’s about the journey through fluorescent-lit retail adventure.

    Things Boomers Waste Money On

    Big sale tag announcement at clothes shop, Looking for brightly colored clothes on hangers, Choose to buy clothes.

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