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#BrianBellBuster - Bank Call

Tune in to the Brian Bell Buster every morning on the :50's with The Loren & Wally Show! It's Nikki's birthday and her co-worker, Erin, wanted to get her with a Brian Bell Buster. They work at a bank, so we called Nikki to get her to change $100...should be easy, right?

VIDEO GALLERY: A Look Back at ‘Yellow Submarine’

The Beatles’ animated film Yellow Submarine was released in theaters 50 years ago, and in addition to the film heading back to select theaters for limited screenings earlier this month, The Beatles’ YouTube page honored the anniversary by releasing some new videos about the film.

Peas Please Me

The new Robin Williams Documentary aired on HBO last night.  Did you make it through the home run derby?  Hank has discovered a way for families to save $800 dollars a month.  Is Loren crazy for bringing his own peas to a restaurant?  A seagull stole a man’s wallet.  How do you keep your pool…