This Is The Best Golf Shirt Ever, And I Don’t Play Golf

While my daily routine for over 25 years has always included physical activity, athletics, or fitness training. But, somehow swinging the clubs consistently has not found its way in. However, I have one particular shirt in my wardrobe that I have awarded the best golf shirt ever. I've only had it for two years now, but with the amount that I have worn it, it's gotten the mileage of something I've had in bag for a decade. This short-sleeve, sharp-looking shirt still looks fresh off the rack. It's durability is just part of the reason why I love it and call it as the king of my closet. Let's Dig Into The Best Golf Shirt Ever Even Further Specifically, it's a Travis Matthew Brand "Heater Polo." A shirt they describe as one with "maximum comfort and performance that doesn’t skimp on style." Personally, I feel that description is being modest and doesn't give the polo all the accolades it deserves. Now, as I mentioned, I just don't have the opportunity to play much golf. With four little kids, my lifestyle is quite busy and with all due respect, if I have a free two-to-four hours to myself, I am going surfing and only surfing. So, why would I buy a golf brand shirt in the first place? Well, at first I was drawn to the very cool logo. The inverted "M" is compelling design where I found myself asking, what brand is that? Then, at Dicks Sporting Goods I simply saw this shirt on the rack. It was calling my name when I wasn't even there shopping for shirt. My exact shirt is called the "Red River Stretch." It's a unique and striking cranberry color with horizontal stripes across the chest. To call a golf shirt "the best" you know that it has contain maximum comfort. This one certainly does, with the stretch material and a tri poly-cotton-spandex blend. Relative to comfortability this Travis Matthew polo is incredibly flexible. What I mean here is that I wear it to work, to nice restaurants, to the beach, to casual gatherings, and to the golf course. To clarify the latter, there are a few golf clubs in my area that have great public and family-friendly restaurants attached to it. Lastly, the shirt pairs with anything from a pair of ripped blue jeans to a fancier pair of business casual pants. While I don't see this exact model available on Travis Matthew's website, there are plenty of other similar options to choose from. I hear they are also high-performing shirts while actually playing golf as well.

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