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Cracker Barrel Renovates Their Stores And Folks Aren’t Happy

If you're a fan of the old fashioned decorating style of Cracker Barrel, you might want to pull up a rocking chair and read the news. Seem as though the C.E.O has decided the longtime restaurant chain that is know for it's iconic down home charm, may have lost some charm for today's consumer. Now the feeling at the corporate level is, the restaurants needs a lot of updating. The idea that Cracker Barrel is dated is foolish, after all isn't that the whole point of the place to begin with? When you enter the restaurant the front porch is full of rocking chairs and barrels that feature checkerboards for diners to play while they wait for their table to be called. When you go through the front doors you enter the "Cracker Barrel Country Store" a throwback if there ever was one. So many items that harken back to simpler times, like old fashioned candy and toys that invoke memories of better times. You can buy clothes and knick-knacks that you had no idea that you ever wanted to begin with. If you can wander around the store without buying anything, then you are a very rare person my friend. A new look for Cracker Barrel? If you didn't know, some Cracker Barrel stores are receiving a makeover, and a few of them got a whole new look.  Except, it's modern and awful-looking. When you go into a Cracker Barrel, there's something comforting about how tacky it is in there.  There's kitsch everywhere.  The gift shop spills out into the restaurant, and there's doo-dads and weird stuff in every corner. Well, at the Cracker Barrel in Mount Juliet, Tennessee they changed the whole store, so now it looks as sterile as a hospital in there. Someone online said, "What is this B.S., I want to feel like I'm eating at Mee-maw's house." Instead, someone said it now looks like, quote, "Panera, with a fireplace."  Although they're leaving the signature rocking chairs out front, the whole inside has changed to a modern, sleek look. In other words, it looks awful and like everything else.  What's next, you going to change Waffle House into a nightclub?? Some things are better left the way they were. (The Boot)

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