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Gronk Takes A Dunk, Raises 20 K For Charity

On a rainy chilly Friday in New York City, there's nothing better than watching Gronk takes a dunk in FRIGID water to raise ALOT of money for charity. These days, the most popular Patriots players are maybe EX Patriots, as goofy fun Rob Gronkowski, appeared on Good Morning America, with his GF, Sports Illustrated model Camille Kostek. As you will see, it was NOT to appear on Dancing With The Stars. (Although, you never know.) Pete Frates Ice Bath Challenge It's no secret that Gronk likes a challenge. You know, like the heartfelt, tearful public retirement, only to UN-retire to rejoin his pal Tom Brady.  Well this challenge was not so dramatic, but just as important. On LIVE TV, Rob and Camille jumped in a tub of 44 degree ice water to raise $20,000 for the Pete Frates Ice Bath Challenge. ABC reports Camille chose the charity: The foundation, chosen by Kostek, is famous for the Ice Bucket Challenge, which has raised awareness for the debilitating nervous system disease. The nonprofit raises funds to assist progressed ALS patients with the massive financial burden of home health care.  The name sake of the charity, Pete Frates, a former Boston College baseball star, who had the disease passed away in 2019. But his legacy lives on through his charity as NPR reported this story in 2019 on the Ice Bucket Challenge:  The typical Ice Bucket Challenge looked like this: Often outfitted in bathing suits or wrapped in a towel, participants would get in front of a video camera and then dump a big bucket of ice water on their heads. The soaked participant would then nominate friends to take on the challenge and make a donation to ALS research. Pete inspired the Ice Bucket Challenge, and help raised MILLIONS for ALS research. So, let's recap: Gronk takes a dunk in frigid water, raises $20 grand for an important charity. Sounds like a typical Friday, for Gronk and Camille

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