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Kowloon In Saugus Makes National News After Thanksgiving Eve Brawl

  Kowloon in Saugus is known for having arguably the best chinese food on the planet. It is a local staple. When you come to Massachusetts and you want chinese food, you MUST visit Kowloon in Saugus. That being said, with entertainment and bars inside, Kowloon is also known as a big pre Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Eve hang out. And this particular Thanksgiving, things got a little out of hand. On Wednesday night, November 22, several men were involved in a dispute around 10:30pm. It turned physical and a glass bottle was even used as a weapon which injured at least one of the men. According to a statement released by Saugus Police: "Six police officers who were already working at the restaurant as part of a detail were quickly alerted and able to deescalate the altercation.  The Kowloon is a family-friendly restaurant. Unfortunately, a few unruly patrons ruined a nice evening for many others. A disturbance such as this on Thanksgiving Eve is unacceptable and disgusting," Saugus Police Department Chief Michael Ricciardelli said. Several people were interviewed. There were no arrests at the time however a felony charge may be forthcoming because of the use of the glass bottle as a weapon. The story made national news with the New York Post picking it up AND TMZ. Bobby Wong, one of the owners of the restaurant said “When I heard that it was on social media and all the people who were watching it, I was like, Oh my god, I guess that’s the good and bad of being popular." Lines were wrapped around the restaurant that night with people picking up their food for dinner.

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