Ranking The 5 Best Burgers At Fenway Park

Whether you are inside the stadium or pre-gaming before the game, there is no shortage of burger options at Fenway Park. How do you decide which place to go to satisfy your craving? Here, we will rank the 5 best burgers around Fenway Park. These selections are specific to the ballpark neighborhood. They include the options available inside the park as well. We are fortunate that each of the streets bordering Fenway Park offer dining options. From quick grabs to a more formal sit-down style, burgers are cooked here in a plethora of variations. Now, with MGM Music Hall open (adjacent to the Park), more and more people are seeking food options that pair well with the main event. It is likely that while you are walking into Fenway, you will come across sausage carts, cooking right there in the street. Though there are numerous options to grab a sandwich here, most of them do not offer a typical burger. Fenway Park is also a destination region of the city. Often ticketholders plan what meals they will have when making the trip. Whether you are looking to grab a beer and a casual meal or more of a fine dining experience before first pitch, you have burger options to meet your requirements. What Burgers Will You Find at Fenway? In the neighborhood, there are chain restaurants that are specific to New England. Then, there are other establishments that you can find across the country. Lastly, there are also burger joints that are exclusively here, as it's their only location. Many burger options by the park are very reasonably priced. You can get a "Big Papi" themed burger topped with the works, such as bacon, a grilled hot dog, and fried egg for under $20. If a more traditional and simple option is your preference, you are covered there as well. A standard hamburger can be found for as low as $6. On a recent trip to Fenway Park, we went on a mission to rank the five best burgers. Although there are probably over 20 different options nearby, these are the ones that make the starting lineup.

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