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What Powers Carlos Santana? Listen To Our Chat

Within the first TEN SECONDS of our chat, you can instantly hear what powers Carlos Santana. His love with divinity. In our seven minute chat, his spiritualty is weaved in, in almost every sentence. Coming to the MGM Music Hall at Fenway August 4 and 5, this iconic 75 year old sounds like a kid with boundless enthusiasm, describing his love for playing two guitars at once. I can promise this: Carlos Santana's 1001 Rainbows Tour will bring out the kid in you, for a night of energy and fun! Health Scare Listening to his energy on the phone, you almost forget about the news story from July 2022. During a concert in San Francisco, homeboy Carlos (he's from there) collapsed on stage due to heat exhaustion. You'll hear him humorously address that at the beginning of our interview below. According to the San Francisco Chronicle : About three hours after the incident, Santana’s manager posted a message to his website that said the guitarist was “over-taken by heat exhaustion and dehydration” during the concert, which was part of his Miraculous Supernatural Tour with Earth, Wind & Fire.  Later, Carlo's wife, commented: Carlos Santana is “doing very well” after passing out onstage during a concert in Michigan this week, according to an update from his wife, Cindy Blackman Santana. Love At First, Sound We've heard of love at first, site. When it comes to Carlo's wife, Cindy Blackman, it was love at first sound. After Cindy joined his tour as his regular drummer, they soon realized that the employee, employer relationship was about to change. They fell in love. During one of their July 2010 performances, he proposed to her, on stage. Six months later they married in Hawaii.  According to distractify.com Carlos said about Cindy: Cindy is a match with everything that I am, from fire of passion to vulnerability,” he says. “Everything tastes better when you share it with your soul mate. What else does he have to saying about working with his wife? Get ready to be inspired and listen to what powers Carlos Santana! [audio mp3="https://wror.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/18/2023/07/Carlos-Santana.mp3"][/audio] To buy tickets to the 1001 Rainbows Tour, click here!

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