Jaybeau Jones

Jaybeau Jones

Jaybeau Jones

Of course, I’m not a Mom. But what do Massachusetts Mothers Day Moms REALLY want? My first guess is TIME with family. But what if we did a DEEP DIVE to REALLY dig in on what Mom REALLY wants?

Post Pandemic

Do Mom’s need a break? Don’t we all? Since the pandemic, making memories, having fun seem to be the order of the day, even if it means putting it on a credit card. Now that doesn’t mean you have to get on a plane.

According to Uber Newsroom there are ALOT of fun things to do right here at home. You get take Mom for a treat at Mike’s Pastry. Or for that matter ANYTHING in the North End can be fun.

We know one thing that Mom DOESN’T want: to host her own Mothers Day. So, please, don’t bring laundry. Mom MIGHT make you think it’s ok. Trust me IT IS NOT. If you try to pull that off again this year, you are tempting fate with the rubber band of the bad Karma Gods. Your kid will be happy to repay you, some day.

The Stats

How much did we spend last year? According to trulyexperiences.com:

Last year the US floristry industry garnered a whopping US$ 1.9 billion from flowers alone but even more staggering is the US$ 671 million on Mother’s Day cards.

But just how much revenue does Mother’s Day generate in the US? This figure has increased considerably since 2003, with consumers spending an extra $ 13.5 billion on loved ones compared to 2010, when the spend reached around $14.6 billion.

Social Media Poll

We did our own informal social media poll, asking Massachusetts Mothers Day Moms, what they REALLY want. You may see a lot of similarities. If we do this poll for Fathers Day, we may see a lot of requests for LIVE BAIT. So, let’s go see what Mom wants!

  • Lisa Marie


    (Her Kids) “Surrounded by them. I love them”

  • Sarah Hart


    “A Sunny day and a cookout with my family”

  • Debbie Ryan


    “To not host the whole family dinner. Since the pandemic, this has become my job to host.”

    What? We need to call Debbie’s family!

  • Linda Champagne


    “My children, food, love and laughter.”

  • Jason Lu


    “Time away from her family”

    Jason, you’re not Mom.

  • Mary Anne

    Exhausted young Caucasian woman lying on comfortable sofa in living room sleeping after hard-working day tired millennial female fall asleep on couch at home take nap or daydream fatigue concept.jpg

    “Peace and quiet, lol”

  • Amanda Dubois


    “A professional photo taken of three kids, and two grandkids all together.”

  • Sandy Worthley Veader


    “Her kids”

  • Debora Andrews


    “Mother’s Day brunch in a nice restaurant”

  • Barbara


    “To sit back, and watch everyone else do the cooking, cleaning, and just about everything else that needs to be done.”

  • Nancy Smith Bartley


    “A round of golf, and a beer.”


  • Tara Joy


    Quiet, coffee, and not having to cook.”

  • Kathy Mckee



  • Franci Richardson


    “A bike rack for her car, or a redbud tree for her front lawn..”

  • Janice



    “A nice long motorcycle ride”

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