Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Divorce? 5 Signs Point To Yes

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez divorce? Say it aint so! It's actually sad to think about it. These two have been given a second chance at love and up until this point, it looked like these kids were gonna make it. But there have been some tell tale signs recently that things are not okay between the two. But before we get into the signs, let's take a look at their relationship history. Ben and Jen relationship history It all started in 2002 when Ben and Jen starred in Gigli. Ben eventually proposed but the two would break up in 2004. It was actually pretty scandalous seeing as they postponed their wedding THE DAY BEFORE it was set to take place. Four months later their split became public. They would both wind up marrying other people and having kids. It wasn't until May of 2021 that Ben and Jen were spotted together again on a romantic getaway to Montana. And in June of 2021 it was official that Bennifer was indeed back on. Ben and Jen divorce could be imminent There have been rumors going around for some time now that a divorce between the two could be imminent. And there are several signs that are leading us to believe it. It seems as if the two have been spending an increasing amount of time alone recently. This can never be good. Keep reading to see the tell tale signs that Bennifer may be back to Ben and Jen very soon.

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