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Flying is More Frightening Than Ever For This 1 Reason

Flying is just the worst. And it doesn't seem to be getting better. Ever seen a brawl breakout mid-flight? It's only a matter of time. Because new cell phone footage obtained by Boston25 captured just that on a Spirit Airlines flight right after touchdown at Logan Airport. It happens more often than ever. You’re chilling on a plane, minding your own business, when suddenly, chaos erupts in the aisle. That’s exactly what went down on this flight from Myrtle Beach, SC, to Boston. Departure time: 9:39 p.m. Landing time: 11:44 p.m. Two dudes going at it, throwing punches like it's a mid-air cage fight. And who steps in? A brave flight attendant, using her body as a shield to stop the madness. Talk about dedication. Nicole Grome, a passenger on the flight, couldn’t believe her eyes. She’s all like, “That poor flight attendant. She was doing her best!” And she’s right. Flight attendants don’t sign up for this kind of action when they take the job. Nicole, her mom, and dad were just trying to get home to Framingham when all this drama unfolded. Her mom, Laura, summed it up perfectly: “You just don’t know what’s going to happen and what may or may not be used as a weapon.” Scary stuff! According to Boston25, the Gromes hear the argument going on for the duration of the trip. Shout-out to those flight attendants who managed to calm things down. Allen Grome, Nicole’s dad, gave them props: “Flying is certainly not like it used to be!” Amen to that! Now, you’d think the drama would end once the plane landed, right? Not so fast. These guys kept at it until a flight attendant told everyone not involved to scram. One of the brawlers casually strolled off the plane like nothing happened. According to the Massachusetts State Police, both fighters made it past security without a hitch. And get this: The victim didn’t even want to press charges. Spirit Airlines wasn’t having any of it. They kicked the troublemakers off their flights for good. Here’s what they said: “We do not tolerate disruptive behavior of any kind.” Flying is Getting Worse Now, here’s the kicker: Unruly passenger incidents are on the rise, folks. According to the International Air Transport Association, things got worse in 2022. More unruly behavior, more verbal abuse, and yup, more physical altercations. The FAA’s been busy too, dealing with over 1,600 reports of unruly passengers this year alone. So, what’s the takeaway? Flying might be quicker, but it sure ain’t calmer. And hey, let’s give those flight attendants some extra love—they need it.

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