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28 June 2019, Berlin: A young woman is eating Chicken McNuggets and French fries from a cardboard box, recorded at a McDonald's branch. The fast food chain McDonald's wants to produce less plastic waste. For example, desserts are to be sold in the course of the coming year in more sustainable packaging "almost without plastic". Already this year plastic holders for balloons would be abolished, McDonald's announced. From 2021 they will no longer be allowed to be sold in the EU - as will disposable cutlery and plates and plastic straws. Photo: Gerald Matzka/dpa-Zentralbild/ZB (Photo by Gerald Matzka/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Here we go again. A jury finds McDonald’s liable, in a case regarding food fried in OIL. If I’m sounding snarky, it’s because I can’t believe a jury found a local franchise owner liable for, are you ready, unreasonable hot and dangerously hot Chicken Mc Nuggets that burned a four year old. So, if I burn myself removing my Thanksgiving turkey, should I sue GE? 

Television Video

Drive through video shows a Florida Mom, in the front drivers seat, handing a Happy Meal to her four year old child in the back seat. Unfortunately, a freshly cooked Chicken Mc Nugget fell from the Happy Meal packaging, burning the child’s leg. Reports say it was a second degree burn.  In this 2019 case, the Florida mother, sued McDonald’s and the local franchise owner for negligence. This week, a Florida jury found McDonald’s and the franchise owner are liable for severe burn injuries to the child.

According to NBC News:

The NBC affiliate reports that McDonald’s and Upchurch argued they were not responsible for the burns. 

After beginning deliberations on May 10, the jury ultimately found that McDonald’s and Upchurch were not negligent for the second-degree burns. However, the jury determined that the two businesses were at fault for not including warnings on the food, which caused the child to be burned. 

“Just thankful that Olivia’s voice was heard. I’m glad McDonalds now has to acknowledge there’s a warning that needs to be put out there. Just thankful,” she said, according to WTVJ. As for how much McDonald’s and Upchurch will have to pay the family in damages, attorneys said that a trial will likely take place in the summer to determine a specific amount. 

Where Does The Parental Responsibility Begin and End?

Of course, I don’t want to see anyone, especially a child, get hurt. But I have to ask: what was Mom thinking? If you watch the video, she simply handed the package to the child, WITHOUT inspecting it. When you go to a McDonald’s drive though, the first thing you do is INSPECT your food. To make sure it’s the RIGHT FOOD. What if the four year old kid had a peanut allergy and the wrong food was given to the child? Add to that, how did the Mom provide VIDEO or her child screaming, while in a drive through? Don’t get me started on that.

Yet, a jury finds McDonald’s and a local business liable, claiming that when you order fresh HOT, FRIED FOOD, you need to be warned that the fresh hot fried food you just ordered, is hot.

Can we send heartfelt prayers to the child, whose Mother needs to be warned that food fried in oil is hot?



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