What we think COULD be the best, could end up as the worst fathers day gifts. We all know that Fathers Day in Massachusetts is the ONE day a year, we show Dad, that Mom is more important.

It’s probably true. Mom’s have the thankless job of doing the jobs that Dad’s pretend we are not good at. The list is too long to share. With that said, Dad deserves some part of that Mom love. Where would we be without Dad jokes?

My Dad was so smooth, he’d make every kid feel like they were number one. Now that I’m older, it was clear that Mom and Dad balanced the roles at home. Father worked for the money, but Mom worked for the house. Dad was in charge of all things fire: the grill, thermostat, fire place. But Mom was in charge of the oven.

Sick Days

Why does Mothers day WIN over Fathers Day? Who took care of us when we were home sick? It was Mom’s soup, Vick’s Vapor Rub and love. I’m sure Dad could come in second, but, I’m not sure I want Dad’s big hands rubbing the Vick’s on my chest.  That’s a Mom job. But I can say that Dad saved the day, many times at home. One time MANY years ago, I needed a school project, and had NO idea what to do. Dad, within thirty minutes, took me into the basement, and together, we (well, HE, really) made me a miniaturized pallet. His company manufactured pallets, those wooden platforms that goods are transported on, and loaded off trucks. Virtually EVERY manufactured product that we see every day at the supermarket, Home Depot, or Walmart is delivered via truck, on a pallet. My project was “what Dad does for a living.” I still have that mini, pallet.

So, while Mom, may get the props, Dad, will always hold a special spot in our lives, even though sometimes, they get the worst fathers day gifts!

Just in time, let’s take a ride to find them! What better place than to look, then Twitter?

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