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This Massachusetts kid spends 3K on toys on Mom’s Amazon account, and Mom is still smiling? That’s a cool Mom.

Meet Lila

Lila, a Westport, Massachusetts FIVE year old, has style, class and brains. Why? Ask her Mom. Jessica Nunes discovered a WHOPPING three GRAND charged to her Amazon account:

1 Ten Pair of cowgirl boots. (A cow gal can’t have just one!)

2 FIVE kids size dirt bikes

3 DRIVEABLE toy jeep

According to ABC, Jessica reports:

“I had got a shipment notification from Amazon that said ‘Congratulations, your order has shipped,’ so I immediately assumed it was some kind of fraudulent charge, so I go on my Amazon order history and it said that I had ordered five pink Dirt Rockets, five blue Dirt Rockets, 10 pairs of cowgirl boots and a Jeep as well.

Shortly after, the 26-year-old remembered she had let her daughter use her cell phone and she started connecting the dots.

“We were driving in the car and she does play this little makeup game that we have on my phone. She asked if she could play with the game so I was like, ‘Yeah, sure.’ So I gave her my phone. I didn’t know that she got a little off task and ended up on Amazon,” Nunes said.


When MY kids were that age, we didn’t have smart phones. Five year old Matt would cause me a heart attack by hiding under the clothes rack at TJ Maxx. 

Rather than punishing Lila, Mom will use this as a teachable moment. The stuff goes back, and Lila will be taught that she’ll have to earn the toy jeep. Maybe Mom should look into the child protection password feature that Amazon offers.

This Massachusetts kid spends 3K? TEN pair of cowgirl boots? Five toy dirt bikes? Well there still  IS a shortage. To me, Lila has already earned a future role on Rich Housewives Of Westport.  

Mom speaks out after 5-year-old buys over $3K in toys on Amazon

A Massachusetts mom is turning a surprising development into a teachable moment after she said her 5-year-old made over $3,000 in toy purchases online last week.

I’m exhausted just reading this. I can use a coffee.

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