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Ahhh summer in New England the beautiful beaches, sandy shores from Maine to the Cape. The thought of a day at the beach is good for the soul. Packing your cooler with cold ice and drinks, making sandwiches, packing the best snack to munch on. Getting your beach chairs, blanket and towels ready to go. All so easy, until if comes to the umbrella.

If you’re like me, you’ve had battles with several beach umbrellas and lost most of them  to the hearty New England breezes or gales.

Umbrella away!

I have had umbrellas dug deep into the beach sand and anchored down by everything from rocks to coolers to my chair, and time after time watched the umbrella turn inside out and take flight across the beach to an unsuspecting beach goer as I yell “look out!”

I’ve had a few of other people’s umbrellas come flying into our setup and seen the horrified look of it’s owner as they hope that no one gets impaled.

My final battle

The last battle I had with our umbrella was at Hampton Beach after the 4th of July. It was a very windy day, so I dug down as deep as I could, shoved rocks around the pole to hold it down, tied a rope around it and tied it to our 50 pound cooler. I spent the better part of the day holding the pole with one hand and trying to eat a sub with the other. Not fun.

I lost

Even after all this preparation the umbrella went sailing away as soon as I got up to stroll the beach. Goodbye umbrella, hello cabana.


I told this story to Brian Bell off air and he suggested I buy the umbrella that he has had for a couple of years the Cool Cabana. Brian told me he will never use a beach umbrella again and will only use the Cool Cabana because it never goes sailing, is bigger than a regular umbrella, is easy to put up and has sand bags so it will never go sailing or turn inside out.

That’s all I needed to hear!


My wife enjoying the Cool Cabana

So, I bought one online and now will never go back to the old umbrella again. It’s fantastic, easy to put up, spacious and most importantly I don’t have to hold the pole when I’m having a snack!



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