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No more self serve fountain drinks?

This is not great news to the folks who like to pour their own fountain drinks at McDonalds. If you prefer to get your cup and fill in just the right amount of ice and then choose the drink of your choice then you should enjoy it while you can. Yes, McDonalds is going to stop you from doing this soon.

Most of us like to get our own

Yes, there’s something about the freedom of getting your own drink. I love to make an “Arnold Palmer” at Panera. I get the regular black tea and mix in just the right amount of lemonade. It’s the perfect summer time drink to quash your thirst. If you have never tried it before, trust me it will be delicious.

Some fast food restaurants already don’t allow you to pour your own drinks. Chick-Fil-A prefers to hand you the drink and if you decide you want another you have to return it to the counter person and hope that there are no ketchup or barbecue smudges on it. Boy, they must love that.

fast food restaurants in new england

Kids love to fill it up

When you were a kid, did you ever go to the soda fountain . . . and mix a bunch of flavors together to create a “suicide” . . . swamp water . . . a graveyard . . . sewage . . . a pop bomb . . . or a hurricane?  Well . . .

McDonald’s will be getting rid of their self-serve drink stations . . . and transitioning to a system where the employees will fill all cups.

You can still get a refill, but…

They aren’t taking away free refills . . . but they do think this system will cut back on theft, AND be a more hygienic option, especially in a post-Covid world.


But the biggest factor is:  They’re not as necessary.  Fewer people are eating inside fast food restaurants . . . and more people are ordering for pick-up through the app, or for delivery through a third-party service.  In both of those cases, employees already fill the cups . . . as they do for drive-thru orders.

Not happening just yet

McDonalds Is Going To Stop You From Doing This Soon but the change won’t happen overnight.  In fact, the shift will happen VERY slowly over the next 10 years . . . as the restaurants get updated.

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