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One year after the passing of Queen Elizabeth we share her favorite egg recipe

It’s hard to believe that her majesty has been gone a year already. Boy, it sure seems like it’s only been a short while maybe because her son Charles wasn’t crowned the King until last May. It took months for that coronation but at that point the Queen was gone for more than six months. Her reign lasted 70 years from 1952 to 2022. Her son was waiting in the wings for a very longtime. He took the throne at age 74, Elizabeth was only 25.

Worth the wait?

It has been a bit of a rough start for King Charles. His son Harry and his wife Meghan were the talk of the coronation. Would they come together, where would they be seated? It turned out that Harry didn’t have his plus one along as she “chose” to stay home with their newborn son Archie. Meghan sited that she didn’t want to travel with an infant, as if that would have stopped her from jetting off to sunny destination. Harry was in the cheap seats with a view of his big brother and King in Waiting, William and his much loved wife, Kate.

We hear that Charles is a fussy eater

According to the website Tasty Table here’s how the new King prefers to eat breakfast…

His Majesty is known for keeping a busy schedule that often doesn’t include time for lunch, making breakfast an essential meal for sustaining him throughout the day. As a big supporter of organic farming, the King insists on stocking the royal pantry with his choice of produce. According to the outlet, he prefers a mainly plant-based diet with a healthy breakfast full of vitamin- and fiber-filled foods — a far departure from a full English breakfast. With sustainability and ethics in mind, he has even banned certain animal products from royal menus.


The Queen liked her eggs…scrambled

Since the news of  the Queen’s passing, we’ve seen her long life celebrated on every tv network non stop, reliving those 96 years, learning tidbits about her life on and off stage. What we hadn’t heard about is how did she like her eggs prepared for her royal breakfast, until now. We have the secret recipe and I think it sounds fantastic and worthy of you trying it at home!

An Australian nutritionist has shared the Queen’s scrambled egg recipe, as well as the two ‘unusual’ ingredients the royal chef added for flavor: nutmeg and lemon rind.

Lee Holmes, a holistic chef and the founder of Supercharged Food, is currently in the UK spending time with mourners after the Queen’s passing on September 8.

She has shared a copy of the Queen’s favorite egg recipe, which she says was hand-delivered to her by a close friend – who formerly worked as a royal chef and now the whole world can see the secret recipe!

‘Ma’am loved to sometimes start the day with a protein packed breakfast and these eggs were tailored to the way that she particularly liked them.’

Ms Holmes explained that the Queen loved to eat homegrown foods and those that were produced locally in her area.

‘She was also a fan of eating with the seasons. That’s my kind of lady, she certainly put the Great into Great Britain,’ she said.

Scrambled Eggs Fit For A Queen!

Queen Elizabeth's scrambled eggs recipe

(Photo by Phil Noble – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

  • Here’s the secret recipe
  • Serves 2
  • Ingredients
  • 3 organic (brown) eggs
  • 1 tablespoon milk
  • Sea salt, to taste
  • 1 tablespoon butter (or extra-virgin olive oil)
  • 1 teaspoon finely grated lemon zest
  • Pinch ground nutmeg
  • Freshly cracked black pepper, to taste
  • Snipped chives and kippers to serve (optional)
  • Method
  • Whisk the eggs and milk in a bowl until well combined. Add salt to taste.
  • Heat the butter or olive oil in a small frying pan over low–medium heat. Add the eggs and turn the heat down to low, moving them around the pan slowly with a spatula so they don’t stick to the bottom.
  • Just before they are starting to set, add the lemon zest, nutmeg and extra salt, if desired and stir.
  • Serve immediately, garnished with pepper and chives, if using.

I think this recipe is worth a shot, I will probably pass on the kippers and opt for bangers instead.


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