One More Reason For Workers To Return to the Office!

Working from Home? One More Reason For Workers To Return to the Office! Hey there, fellow work-from-homers! Are you still dragging yourself to the office, dealing with the dreaded commute, and having lunch stolen from the communal fridge? We get it. Commuting Sucks No traffic jams, smelly subways, and squeezing into overcrowded buses. With WFH, your "commute" is from your bed to your home office. You can even skip the bed part and roll out in your PJs! Pants Are Overrated Forget about constricting buttons and belts. Working from home means your bottom half can enjoy the liberation of pajama pants, or perhaps nothing at all (but don't tell your coworkers). Custom Office Vibes You can decorate your home office however you want. Unleash your inner interior decorator with all the quirky, motivational, or totally impractical decor you desire. No More Office Politics Sayonara to water cooler gossip and politics! You're the boss of your domain, and your boss isn't lurking over your shoulder. Your couch and PJs are waiting for you, ready to help you conquer the workday, one comfy step at a time! But there's one problem: It's making you fat! Well, maybe not fat. But a little chubbier. Fitness tracking app MyFitnessPal, surveyed  2,000 hybrid workers in England. The study found workers consume nearly 800 more calories and walk 3,500 fewer steps on average on days they work from home. More than half  were aware that they ate more unhealthily at home, and 45% admitted they often don’t leave their home at all when they work from home. People also consumer more calories at home -  2,752 calories vs. 1,961 at the office. On work-from-home days, more than a third admitted to snacking even when they weren’t hungry, and claimed to consume five snacks a day compared to three when working in the office. So put down the cookie and start commuting!

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