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Bob Bronson

New Dating Term For Men Is “Golden Retriever Man”

Here boy! There's a new dating term called "Golden Retriever Man".  That's a guy who, like the breed of dog, is:  "Sweet, gentle, affectionate, and eager to please .  Also, not to mention easy to TRAIN." Some single women are looking for a guy who's attractive . . . others want someone funny . . . someone with a certain career . . . or someone who's more family-focused.  Others want a "Golden Retriever Man." Woman’s best friend? Perhaps it’s the perfect way for women to choose the right guy for them. Think about it, what kind of dog do you like? Do you prefer a big  dig like a St Bernard who is friendly and loyal but doesn’t like to exert too much energy? How about a tough protective dog like a German Shepherd or a Doberman Pincher? Maybe you prefer a show dog like a fancy French Poodle that likes to get gussied up for all occasions. Whatever kind of dog you prefer maybe it stands to reason that you would like a man that has similar traits. Does it work for men choosing a woman? Why not? Doesn’t the same principal apply for guys who are in search of a woman to date? If a man desires a pretty partner that is loyal can they look for someone with those traits they would find in a favorite dog? If so, I wouldn’t tell you your date that she reminded you of a canine. She might tell you to go fetch and never come back.   Urban Dictionary defines this type of guy as "a significant other that's easygoing and makes it fairly simple to maintain a happy and fulfilling relationship."   It's unclear what made the term go viral, but THIS could have something to do with it:  Some say the term applies to Taylor Swift's new boyfriend Travis Kelce.  Others that might fit the bill include Shawn Mendes and Tom Holland.   It isn't supposed to have a derogatory slant, in fact, it's more of a GOOD thing.     (NY Post)          

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