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Bob Bronson

What’s Open and Closed On Memorial Day

Here we go, the unofficial kickoff to summer, Memorial Day. You've been dreaming of this weekend since the start of winter when it was cold and the days were short. New Englanders love this time of year for good reason, we have paid our dues. Sure the winter of 24 was not a bad one as far as lot's of snow and freezing temperatures, but either way, it was still a long one. We all agree that the month of January is a long slog that goes by with half the speed of May, June, July and of course the fastest month of the year... August. That's why love Memorial Day so much, we realize how fast summer flies by and we don't want to waste a minute getting it started. We love our Memorial Day parades to get the day started and for some families it truly is a day of remembrance because of lost family members. Which of course is the reason for the day. The first Memorial Day took place in 1865 following the end of the Civil War, which saw over 600,000 Americans from both sides of the war killed during the over 4 years of battle. Here's what is open and closed on Memorial Day Federal offices: Closed. Federal courts: Closed. Post offices: Closed. State offices: Closed. RMV: Closed. State courts: Closed. Municipal offices: Closed. Public schools: Closed. Libraries: Closed. Trash pickup: Check with your local government or provider. Boston residents can check for pickup delays by searching their address here. Banks: Closed. Stock market: Closed. Retail locations: Open. Liquor stores: Open at noon. Supermarkets: Open. MBTA: Subway, bus, and RIDE service will run on a Sunday schedule, while the commuter rail will follow a weekend schedule. The ferries are a little more complicated: The Hingham-Hull-Logan ferry will run on a Sunday schedule, and both the Charlestown and East Boston ferries will operate on weekend schedules. There is no direct Hingham-to-Logan ferry on Memorial Day.

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