Bob & LBF in the Morning

Bob & LBF in the Morning

Bob & LBF in the Morning

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 Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer, which means it could also be considered the unofficial start of ICE CREAM season.  These days, there are literally thousands of different ice cream flavors to choose from. A trip to your local ice cream shop will show you that quickly. Back in the day, Baskin Robbins was very proud of its 32 flavors, now that seems like an unimpressive number.

The International Dairy Foods Association recently conducted a survey, where 97% of Americans reported “loving” or “liking” ice cream. It’s amazing to think that 3% of the country doesn’t like ice cream.

They asked people for their favorite flavors, and despite the silly stuff some creameries are doing . . . like mac-and-cheese ice cream . . . America likes the CLASSIC flavors

Going to an ice cream stand. These days is a much more daunting experience. It used to be you had basic flavors to choose from but now you can spend a long time deciding which flavor of ice cream you want to go with. Of course the people in line behind you might be getting a little impatient.

The LEAST popular flavor of the ones they asked about was . . . Lavender.  Others that did NOT get much love include:  Green Tea, Matcha, Maple, Orange, Spumoni, and Rum Raisin.  (???)

Our second favorite topping is whipped cream, followed by caramel sauce . . . chocolate sauce . . . nuts . . . sprinkles . . . chocolate chips . . . and cherries.

They also asked what “container” for ice cream people preferred . . . and waffle cone was the top response.  29% of people would opt for that.  A simple bowl was the runner-up at 27%.  Sugar cones were next, followed by “waffle bowls.”

9% of people prefer to eat it straight out of the carton.  7% like putting their ice cream in a cup or mug, and 6% have a thing for “cake cones.”

1% of people said “something else.”  Maybe those people make ice cream sandwiches with cookies . . . or do ICE CREAM TACOS!


Here are the Top 5 Ice Cream Flavors in America

  • 5. Cookie Dough

    Cookie dough

    The dough.

    Cookie dough ice cream became popular in the 80s, in fact, it was so popular that people were eating cookie dough that was intended to bake cookies with. It was a very ingenious idea to add cookie dough to vanilla ice cream.

  • 4. Butter Pecan

    butter pecan ice cream

    Delicious butter pecan ice cream served in a red bowl. Vintage wooden table background.

    When you think of butter, pecan ice cream, you probably think of your grand parents, but don’t feel that way about it. Butter pecan is favorites with a lot of people. If you haven’t tried it lately, you definitely should.

  • 3. Strawberry

    bowl of strawberries

    Fresh strawberries on wooden background. Copy space

    Strawberry ice cream is the most favorite of the fruit flavors, it goes well either by itself or mixed with others. It’s part of the Napolitano triple flavors of vanilla chocolate, and of course, strawberry.

  • 2. Chocolate

    chocolate ice cream

    Chocolate ice cream scoop

    Chocolate ice cream is a versatile flavor that can be added to buy many different items, such as chocolate, chip or walnuts even marshmallows, chocolate will never let you down

  • 1. Vanilla

    vanilla ice cream on apple pie

    Apple pie and ice cream

    Is anyone really surprised that vanilla is the number one ice cream? As far as we know, it’s probably one of the first ice cream’s invented because of its simplicity. Plus, vanilla ice cream goes well on anything, and makes everything just a little bit better.

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