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Bob & LBF in the Morning

Bob & LBF in the Morning

The dirty 7 Job Professions

Here are the 7 professions that people would be most apt to cheat on their significant other at work. The survey found these to be the 7 most likely professions where you are most likely to cheat at work.

Meeting somebody at work today is not uncommon. As a matter fact, it is one of the most common places to meet your future spouse. It’s great because you get to know somebody pretty well at work. You can see how they handle stress, relationships, drama and you can see without any pressure if it’s somebody you want to date.

It’s one thing to meet somebody at work if you’re single. But not when you’re married, Work can also be a place where you could meet a potential fling. Or somebody you will have extracurricular activities with.

What is it about the work place that is conducive to cheating?

Thinking about why people cheat at work, and there are a lot of reasons. It is the time spent together. Heck, you might spend more daylight hours with your coworkers than you do anybody else. It’s the nighttime hours though that are of particular concern.

You can see somebody at their best and worst at work. You can learn a lot about somebody. by how they conduct themselves in the workplace environment. Are they nice? Are they smart and if they’re attractive as well, well, you know what can happen.

The survey asked spouses, who admitted to having an affair in the workplace what their profession was. What they didn’t ask, is whether or not the person they had the affair with was single or married. It could be either.

All different types of workplaces

What is striking when you look at the seven jobs professions people are most likely to cheat at the workplace? The answer is that you see very different types of jobs. Everything from the school your kids might attend, to the hospital you may have visited. To even the truck driver that you see rolling down the highway.

Here are the seven professions that people are most likely to cheat at work

  • 7. Property and construction

    female construction worker with hard hat

    This one was surprising, because when you think of construction sites you think of men at work with very few women. But it also includes property management, which means opportunity to cheat. Is there all over the properties. There must be some empty apartments to rendezvous in.

  • 6. Engineering and manufacturing

    3 people with hard hats and florescent vests

    Both high stress jobs that probably would lead to some after work get together‘s. We all know that if you have a few drinks after work with co workers, things can happen.

  • 5. Hospitality and events management

    group of co workers in front of stairs

    When you think about hotel and events management, do you think about opportunity because you are only a door away from either a hotel room or another place? That would be very convenient to have a fling. All you need are the hotel keys

  • 4. Transport and logistics

    semi truck mirror

    When it comes to transport and logistics, that is a wide field , everything from the truck driver, who is on the road to a logistics team, that might be traveling together. And once again, travel and hotels are a very tricky combination for someone who is inclined to have an affair.

  • 3. Healthcare

    group of young doctors

    Healthcare, this one might be surprising because you’re thinking of hospitals in high pressure, but it wouldn’t be the first time a doctor and a nurse got together. I don’t even wanna think about where this could happen, but there are always empty hospital beds somewhere.

  • 2. Teacher

    teacher in class at whiteboard

    Again, this is a surprise! Teachers? Who knew? Teachers are under a lot of stress. And that might lead to looking elsewhere for comfort. The only question I have is where does it take place? We imagine it is off-campus. Or shall we say let’s hope it’s off-campus!

  • 1. Sales

    car salesman


    Most people would not be surprised to see that sales leads the list. Especially if it is a person who is on the road a lot. Typically if you are in sales, you are very good at communicating and know just what to say. So if you’re somebody looking to cheat, you might enjoy getting the sale a bit too much.

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