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What was the first thing these 9 celebrities bought?

It’s fun to imagine what you would do it you won the Mega Bucks jackpot with hundreds of millions of dollars. Imagine all of the things you would buy, a mansion, a yacht, a new racy sports car or a motorcycle? Perhaps, luxury clothes and handbags and jewelry?

For famous Hollywood actors who didn’t exactly win the the official lottery but you could say they won “life’s lottery”. That means they made it to the big time, whether it was a big time movie role or a starring role on a popular tv show or hosting your own talk show. A big time paycheck was going to be cashed.

Some stars went big with their first purchase, others kept it modest

I don’t think that I would go huge on my first paycheck, it would be more likely a case of what do I need as opposed to what do I want.
Of course, what one person needs might not be exactly what everyone needs. For sure I would be in the real estate market, especially in Hollywood, because the rent rates are ridiculous and it seems like it would be a smart investment.

What would Arnold do?

Arnold Schwarzenegger made his first million dollars in the 1970’s before he became box office gold by investing all of his Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympian winnings into commercial real estate. By the time he got his first movie roll he had already made enough money to choose what movies he wanted to be a part of very carefully. And that is what he continued to invest in during his amazing run as the number one box office attraction of the 80’s and 90’s

If you received your first Hollywood paycheck, what would you buy? To get some ideas, here’s what 9 actors did with theirs:

  • 1. Timothee Chalamet

    He bought nosebleed season tickets for the New York Knicks when it was rumored that LeBron James would be joining the team. He (obviously) didn’t, so Timothee was stuck trying to sell off the tickets. Poor guy got duped by LeBron into buying Knicks tix! Hope has made better decisions since that first one.

  • 2. Jennifer Aniston

    She bought a used Mercedes that turned out to be a lemon.  We are pretty sure that was the last time Ms Aniston bought a used car, or anything used for that matter. She was earning more than One Million per episode the last season of Friends and that is back when they filmed more than 20 episodes per season.  That could fetch you a nice car dealership.

  • 3. Emma Watson

    She bought a Prius, a laptop and took her dad on a trip to Tuscany. Isn’t that nice? How many young stars would even want to travel with a parent? It shows a lot of character to share the wealth and show your old man a great time. Plus, she got herself some nice things for herself. I wonder if she is still driving a Prius?

  • 4. Oprah Winfrey

    She bought fluffy Ralph Lauren towels. We are pretty sure she kept buying all kinds of nice fluffy things afterwards for her many mansions. One in Hawaii and another in Chicago, all of those bedrooms and bathrooms needed lots of towels for her many celebrity guests, and let’s not forget Stedman probably goest through a few towels a day too.

  • 5. Awkwafina

    She bought a Gucci handbag and audio editing and composing software. If you haven’t seen her in her hilarious role in Crazy Rich Asians, then you should put it on your list. She is very funny and her future is very bright. I can see a lot more Gucci bags coming her way.

  • 6. Tom Cruise

    He paid for one sister’s college tuition, and bought his other sister a car. Say what you will about Tom Cruise, he’s a bit wacky but nobody ever called him cheap. He is famous for buying extravagant gifts for his co stars and the film crew. We are pretty sure he spends a ton of money on whatever it is that keeps him so young looking.

  • 7. Cardi B

     She bought a Patek Philippe watch. Cardi B is also known for spoiling her husband on his birthdays. For one of his recent birthdays she gave him a new Bentley and a suitcase full of cash to the total of half a million dollars. We don’t know what he did with the money, but we hope he was smart enough to save some, because you never know how long a music business marriage will last.

  • 8. Sylvester Stallone

    He bought back his dog Butkus, whom he previously sold off when he was desperate for money.  Butkus ended up co-starring with him in the first two “Rocky” movies. Let’s be honest, Sly has been making big box office bucks since 1976 when Rocky came out. He’s probably had a few more dogs to feed since then too.

  • 9. Selena Gomez

    She bought a Louis Vuitton laptop bag. Ms Gomez is the most followed celebrity on Instagram with over 440 million people checking her on her account. She could sell any item she wants on her site for millions of dollars as an influencer. She can get a whole lot more than just the laptop bag now, she can have an entire house designed by Louie Vuitton.

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