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Bob & LBF in the Morning

Bob & LBF in the Morning

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One New England State Is In The Top 5 Most Comfortable Being Naked List

This must have been a fun survey to ask!

A sexual health and wellness practice out of New York just did a nationwide survey asking people across America, “On a scale of 1-to-10, rate your current level of body confidence in the nude. Well that must have been a fun survey to ask! It sure beats asking about your favorite type of oatmeal. The good news is One New England state did make the Top 5 Most Comfortable Being Naked List.

And basically every state said, “It’s a four or a five.”  Because all the averages were between 4.4 and 5.8.

Of course, it DOES matter what we are doing when we’re naked.

Most people are totally fine with having sex with the lights OFF.  The comfort level with that is an 8.6 out of 10.  Being naked at home alone was also high, along with changing in front of a partner . . . and having sex with the lights ON.

No thanks to nude beaches!

On the flipside, most people would NOT be cool with being fully naked on a beach.  The comfort level with that is just 2.7 out of 10.  Being naked in a sauna is also low, along with changing in a locker room . . . skinny dipping . . . being partially nude on a beach . . . and changing in front of friends.

Is there a Doctor in the house?

The confidence of being naked at the doctor’s office is middle-of-the-road at 5 out of 10 . . . as is “having sex in front of a pet.”

They didn’t make “taking a shower” an option . . . but at that point, you’re borderline “never nude.”

The least confident states for being naked are..

The state where people are the LEAST confident is a tie between Indiana and Oregon.  Nebraska is next, followed by Minnesota. There is a trend here with the least confident states of nakedness are all Mid Western states. There must be something about our friends in the nation’s bread basket that keeps them humble or perhaps they don’t like the idea of showing skin in general. The heartland of the USA is much more comfy with their clothes on even if their hot in the cornfields.


  • 5. Washington

    Washington is famous now for it’s hundreds of different coffee shops, from Starbucks, Peets and Seattle’s Best, so they must be very caffeinated and ready to do anything after downing a few cups of their famous coffee. Maybe that helps boost their confident levels too. Lord knows, it’s either raining or snowing half of the year, so perhaps they have to constantly dry off their clothes.

  • 4. Delaware

    Delaware’s most famous son is Old Joe Biden who really enjoys the beach. There’s a recently a slew of photos of Joe on the Beach with just his trunks on and looking very confident with his Ray Ban Aviators on. Perhaps people in Delaware feed of this confidence and feel that if Joe can take his shirt off, why can’t they?

  • 3. Maryland

    Famous for their crabs and the beautiful Chesapeake Bay, with beaches and sailboats, the Marylanders love being out doors and by the sea, this must lend them some confidence about their bodies, after all, with all of those close by Washington D.C. politicians and their hot air, maybe the fewer clothes they wear the better!

  • 2, Colorado

    This one is somewhat perplexing because when you think of Colorado, you think of the ice cold Rockies and the incredible skiing, not nudity. Perhaps it’s the Rocky Mountain high that John Denver was singing about all of those years ago, their sheet beauty beckons you to become one with nature! As Joe Walsh sang, that’s The Rocky Mountain Way!

  • 1. Rhode Island

    As it turns out the nation’s smallest state Rhode Island is not afraid of being…small. Take that anyway you want to, but if you’re used to being the little guy then you have a natural built up confidence that gives you a certain swagger!

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