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Kelly turned down two record deals before she won American Idol.

Until she won…

Kelly Clarkson who was catapulted to an instant household name thanks in part to American Idol, thought the show was a joke. 

In a recent visit on a podcast, Clarkson said “we all thought it was a joke.”

When I was working on the air at a top 40 music station during the Kelly Clarkson 2002 era, DJs on the station shared Clarkson’s sentiment as well. It seems like NO one saw it coming. I did. I thought it was the future, blending modern reality television with the old school idea of television talent contests. People relate to people and connect to the stories behind ordinary people rising above insurmountable odds. People also cannot turn away from a drive-by car wreck. Remember William Hung? 

I think Kelly’s appeal is her honesty, to herself. She seems genuine, something that Hollywood needs more of.

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