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Well by now you may of heard of the latest ice cream flavor flying off shelves.

The Kraft Company teaming up with ice cream maker Van Leeuwen has come up with Mac and Cheese flavored ice cream. 

Yes, now we really have no reason to leave our homes, because you can order it on line. But, you may have missed it. TWO THOUSAND PINTS sold out in SIXTY MINUTES.

I’m concerned now traditional ice cream no longer works as comfort food. We need the Mac and Cheese mashup.

(But I still want to try it.)

Kraft's Mac & Cheese Ice Cream Flies Off Of Shelves

A collab between Kraft Mac & Cheese and Van Leeuwen Ice Cream sold out in just an hour. It seems one man's trash is another man's treasure, after all. The unlikeliest of collaborations of two very different foods has proved extremely successful just one hour after it released as 2,000 units of mac &...