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Hugh Jackman – Most of us know him best as Wolverine, but Jackman’s career began on stage in various productions in Melbourne, Australia and London’s West End before landing the iconic ‘X-Men’ role. Jackman would make it to Broadway in 2003 in the starting role in ‘the Boy from Oz,’ which netted him a Tony Award win for Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Musical.

Hollywood secret unveiled……..

It takes me, a broadcast recording pro to spot behind-the-scenes footage of your favorite action movie stars and share with you. Did you know that after the actors film the outdoor scenes, they must then go into a recording studio and re-record their lines, or in this case, grunts? Producers can’t control the noise outdoors when shooting movies. So once they have the footage, then send the actors back into to a sound proof recording studio to re-record the lines, while watching the original footage. Then, the audio track is perfectly matched to the original footage. The next time you’re watching your favorite show, if the scene takes place, let’s say in a busy city, notice how clear and intimate the actors voices are, cutting through, above the traffic and normal loud city noises. They are not yelling.

Take a look at Hugh Jackman, recording the AUDIO of a fight scene for X-Men! Watch to the end!!!

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Always wanted to watch this dubbing session compared with the final scene! ???????? Hugh Jackman is awesome, right? ???? #behindthescenes #behindthecameras...