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388964 02: Commuter traffic makes it way along Interstate 93 May 8, 2001 in Boston MA. According to a study by the Texas Transportation Institute, 1.2 million people drive into Boston for work each day. (Photo by Darren McCollester/Newsmakers)

OMG…Will we get this here?At a long light, with a long line of cars? When that light goes GREEN, and the cars in front don’t move…what do you want to do…BEEEEEEEEEP…

Makes sense, except in you’re in MUMBAI, where the local police have a great sense of humor. Now at one stop light, a AUDIO sensor measures the LOUDNESS of your horn, and when it hits a level that is too loud, you get punished with ADDED WAIT TIME! HAHAH! Watch this!!

Mumbai Police Play a Trick on Honking Drivers

It involves a red light hooked to a decibel meter, and the timer resets when harsh horns get too loud. Now, other cities are inquiring. NEW DELHI - In India, when driving, you basically need a ring of eyeballs around your head to see what's coming.