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Grillo's Pickles Make Your Own Pickle Bouquet Kit!

Is THIS appropriate….?

When we were dating I got my wife a GRILL for Valentines Day. She was not happy. I asked, “I thought you loved steak…” She said…”I like jewelry too…..”

Should I get her a PICKLE BOUQUET? Maybe if it includes a diamond…

Check out Grillo’s Pickle Bouquet!

Here is where you can order yours!

Make Your Own Pickle Bouquet Kit (NOT a finished arrangement) | grillospickles

PRE-ORDER TODAY - DELIVERED BY WED. FEB 12TH! Put your creative side to work with our ready-made Pickle Bouquet Kit! Includes all the tools you'll need to make your very own pickle bouquet at home. *KIT INCLUDES ONE (1) GRILLO'S PICKLES 'FREE JAR' COUPON!*