It was a well executed, manufactured TV moment…or was it?

During last nights anticipated Oscar duet with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper singing the song from their reboot of A Star Is Born, audiences are wondering if the romantic energy we witnessed on national TV between the two was real, or acting.

Personally, the camera shot up close at the end of the song is a dead rehearsed giveaway: It was an ACT. Cooper showed up with his mom and his GF, which is the mother of his child. So to me, my opinion is that the romantic ending was simply a brilliant choreographed extension to the movie.

BUT, I’m happy to see that after years of lackluster shows, the Oscars finally pulled off a feel good, talk-able moment that is not hate filled, political or a gaff. It also took attention away from the no-host night.

If you have shared this with friends, and you are starved for more romance, I found 33 more of the most famous romantic TV moments of all time. I know two.  See how many you remember.