I saw a recent study that said the #1 vinyl sales last year were Beatles. 

Coming soon to ABC is a reboot of the 80’s hit television show Rosanne, starring the original cast. On Netflix a reboot of the 80’s hit Full House was renewed for a third season.

The unique difference with these two revival shows is that they feature ORIGINAL cast members.  I can share many more examples of how old, is new again.

Why is that? Why are we longing for simpler times? 

I don’t think there is just one reason. Yes, technology has a lot to do with it. The Google “on demand” society we live in, puts more demands on us at work, and at home.  Email, texting and social media at the touch of our smart phones give us the power to see into others lives (real or imagined) so much more and so fast. With that we create a demand for them to respond to us faster.

We experience that daily at work. I remember the time I got my first Blackberry around 2005 when I was a manager. I remember saying to myself, “wow, now I can keep up with work emails while at lunch and not have to come back to a bunch of fires.” Well, oddly, (as you know) the fires still came even though I thought I was catching up. Soon we found that we never can totally catch up because the power to access to more information creates a demand for more information and data.

Don’t get me wrong. I do see the value in technology. I think we have to remember to use it as a useful tool and not let it use us.

Because of technology, life is moving at enormous speed, and it at times can make us feel a bit behind or even a bit old.

Whether it’s music, TV, movies, or moose cups, now, nostalgia makes us feel good.



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