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Wonder Woman Reveals #1 Secret To Looking Good At 72

Wonder Woman won't have plastic surgery. Hey, have you caught a glimpse of the OG Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, lately? She's still rocking it at 72, and get this, no plastic surgery involved! Yep, you heard it right. Carter's secret to looking fabulous? Well, she proudly declares, "I don't cut my face," which means she's just herself, a tad older. And hey, she's not alone in her fear of going under the knife. We've all seen those plastic surgery mishaps, right? "I don't know that I've changed too dramatically" she told People magazine. "I don't cut my face, so I probably look just myself, but older.  And the reason I've never had any facial surgery is just because I'm afraid . . ."It's scary, because we've all seen some bad ones." Carter also wants you to know that those glamorous photos you see? They're not her morning look. Nope, not even close. Like, who wakes up looking red carpet ready? Not even Wonder Woman herself! And what's really wonderful? She admits it. "Actors and celebrities always look so great when they're on the red carpet, but when you see them in real life, they just look like a regular person with no makeup and their crummy clothes on ," she told People. "Everybody looks the same when they're not all dressed up.  If everyone did a three-hour makeover before they left the house, then they'd all look amazing. What I'm trying to say is, there's a lot of effort behind those pictures." And she's got a point. Behind those picture-perfect moments, there's a whole lot of effort. Imagine if we all had a glam squad before stepping out – we'd all be internet famous. At the very least. Carter's not just a superhero on screen; she's a singer too. Her single "Letters from Earth" drops next Friday, and it's a heartwarming tribute to her late husband, Robert Altman. So, next time you're flipping through photos of celebrities, just remember, they're regular folks too, just with a killer glam squad. And as for Carter? Well, she's still our timeless Wonder Woman with or without a cape.      

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