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Bob & LBF in the Morning

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11 Totally Awesome 80s Shampoos You Loved and Miss Terribly

The 80s were a time of big hair, bold fashion, and even bolder choices in shampoo.

If you were rocking perms, neon colors, and teasing your hair to epic proportions, you know that your shampoo was more than just a cleanser – it was a vital part of your daily routine.

80s shampoos were totally tubular! Why?

Volume, Baby

The higher the hair, the closer to heaven, right? 80s gals knew that their hair had to defy gravity, and the shampoos of the era were designed to deliver that sky-high volume. Say hello to epic hairdos that could rival any skyscraper!

Perms and Curls Galore

The 80s were the heyday of perms, and shampoos had to keep up with the curl-tastic demand. These shampoos were like the magical potion that kept your curls bouncing and behaving like rockstars.

Technicolor Dreams

Remember those neon-colored streaks that made you look like a walking Lisa Frank notebook? 80s shampoos helped maintain the vibrancy of those wild hues. Say goodbye to dull hair, and hello to a rainbow of possibilities!

Tease It to Please It

Teasing your hair was an art form in the 80s, and shampoos had to provide the perfect texture for those gravity-defying ‘dos. With the right shampoo, you could create a nest of epic proportions.

Fruit Salad Delight

Fruity fragrances weren’t just for your favorite snacks; they were in your shampoo too! Apple, peach, and grapefruit scents turned every shower into a tropical getaway.

Feathered and Fabulous

If you were into the Farrah Fawcett feathered look, the sudsy stuff was your secret weapon. They kept those layers looking sleek and ready for their close-up.

Aqua Net and Beyond

To seal the deal on your 80s masterpiece, you needed the strongest hairspray known to humanity (we’re looking at you, Aqua Net). But it all started with the right shampoo as your foundation.

80s shampoos were the unsung heroes of epic hair.

They weren’t just cleaning your locks; they were helping you achieve hair heights that reached for the stars. Whether you were rocking a mullet, a side ponytail, or just teased to perfection, your 80s shampoo was your trusted sidekick in the quest for hair greatness.

Like, totally rad, right?

Here are 11 Totally Awesome 80s Shampoos You Loved and Miss Terribly!


  • 1. Finesse

    This stuff smelled amazing and the conditioner left your hair as slick as a dolphin’s underbelly. But it was expensive and if your parents cared about budgets, you had to settle for something less. My friends had it, though, which made sleepovers that much better.

  • 2. Salon Selectives

    Oh my GOD the apple scent! Salon Selectives’ apple-scented shampoo was like washing your hair with a crisp Granny Smith while dancing to your favorite 80s jams. If they made a candle with that scent, we’d have apple-scented hair, apple-scented homes, and probably apple-scented dreams. It was so divine that even Snow White would’ve ditched her dwarves for a bottle.

  • 3. Prell

    Prell shampoo from the 80s was so concentrated that it was rumored to have been used to clean the Space Shuttle’s engines between missions. If you accidentally squeezed too hard, you’d have enough suds to wash a car, a neighbor’s cat, and your hair all at once. It was the Hulk of shampoos – strong, green, and ready to tackle even the wildest hair disasters.

  • 4. Perma Soft

    Perma Soft shampoo from the 80s promised to make your hair so soft that kittens would be jealous and silk would file a formal complaint. It was like a spa day for your locks, turning your head into a velvety playground for your fingers. If clouds could wash their hair, they’d use Perma Soft – it was that heavenly.

  • 5. Faberge Organics

    Faberge Organics shampoo from the 80s created that iconic commercial that showed the power of telling people things. “And so on and so on and so on” became a catch phrase. I thought it was a little psychotic, truth be told.

  • 6. Jhirmack

    Jhirmack shampoo had Victoria Principal as its spokeswoman in the 80s, and her hair was so fabulous it had its own fan club. Using Jhirmack was like getting hair advice from a glamorous time traveler who knew the secrets to 80s hair perfection. Her hair advice still holds today!

  • 7. Wella Balsam

    I loved Farrah’s hair SO much I had a Farrah Fawcett Styling Head when I was a kid. And if I could buy a shampoo that could turn my boring locks into the MANE OF AN ANGEL, well, sign me up PLEASE.

  • 8. Dimension

    Oh hello Helen Slater! This was the shampoo for everyone. And that’s what it wanted you to think.  It wanted you to have it all — the silk, the shine and the bounce!

  • 9. Pert

    Pert shampoo, a staple of the 80s, was known for its distinctive green bottle and invigorating tingle when applied to the scalp. God was it fun!

    Marketed as a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, Pert promised to save time in the shower while leaving hair feeling fresh and clean. Its memorable advertising jingle, “Are you Pert?” is, well, kind of weird.

  • 10. Aussie

    Aussie shampoo products gained popularity in the 80s for their quirky and playful advertising featuring a fictional Australian character named “Aussie.” But they were mostly known for the smell. It was this grapey, weirdly intoxicating scent that brings you back to middle school dances and jelly sandals.

  • 11. Jojoba

    The 80s were wild, and so was 80s Jojoba shampoo – it made your hair so shiny you could signal the mothership! It had more secrets than your Trapper Keeper, promising to turn even the most unruly hair into a well-behaved member of the Breakfast Club. If only we could time-travel back to the 80s with a bottle of this magical stuff – we’d be the coolest cats at the roller disco!

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