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The late jazz singer was born on August 3, 1926, in New York. He passed away on July 21, 2023. He had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in 2016.

7 Shocking Farewells: Celebrities’ Last Words That Left Us Stunned

So, Tony Bennett’s last words were a resounding “Thank You.”

Some folks were expecting a mic drop moment, and instead, they got a mic handoff with a polite “Thanks, see ya!”

But before we jump on the “Really, Tony?” bandwagon (like my co-host Bob did!), let’s unpack this a bit. Maybe the man was onto something. Last words are like your final status update – the ultimate tweet. Tony’s “Thank You” might have been his way of dropping the mic in the classiest way possible.

Celebrities’ Last Words: Lesson time, folks.

We might not all have the silky pipes of Tony Bennett, but we can certainly take a page out of his songbook. Imagine if your last words were, “Is there Wi-Fi in the afterlife?” or “Did I leave the stove on?” Talk about a buzzkill to your dramatic exit.

Fact is, we don’t get an encore on this stage called life.

Your exit line is your lasting impression, your closing argument, your final emoji. “Thank You” might not be a rockstar’s finish, but it’s a bow that says, “Hey, it’s been a blast. Thanks for the applause.”

So, what are the absolute worst last words to leave your audience?

How about, “Wait, I had a parachute, right?” or “Delete my browser history!” Don’t be that guy, or gal, who leaves ’em shaking their heads instead of wiping away a tear.

In a world of flashy farewells, Tony Bennett took a cue from the understated elegance of a classic tuxedo.

So, the next time you’re pondering the ultimate exit line, remember: it’s not about the fireworks; it’s about leaving the crowd smiling, maybe even humming a little tune. “Thank You,” Tony – for the music, and the masterclass in making an exit that leaves ’em wanting an encore.

From bizarre to poignant, here are 7 shocking celebrities’ last words that still echo in our minds:

  • Walt Disney

    The genius behind the magic kingdom had a cryptic exit, whispering, “Kurt Russell.” Was it a hidden message or a forgotten code to unlock a secret treasure? Well, Disney wanted him under contract for future Disney films. That might explain why the words “Kirt Russell” were found scribbled on a note on the filmmaker’s desk when he died at age 65.

    Walt Disney

     (Photo by Edward G. Malindine/Topical Press Agency/Getty Images)

  • Frank Sinatra

    Ol’ Blue Eyes himself went out with a bang, quipping, “I’m losing it.” Leave it to Sinatra to make his exit a smooth one-liner. Ring-a-ding-ding!


  • Marie Antoinette

    My bad! The infamous French queen faced the guillotine with surprising grace, reportedly apologizing to her executioner after accidentally stepping on his foot. Now that’s royal manners till the end!

  • Bob Marley

    The reggae legend’s last words to his son were pure poetry: “Money can’t buy life.” A stark reminder of what truly matters, delivered by a musical maestro.

    Bob Marley Performs On Stage

    Bob Marley (1945 – 1981) performs on stage, a microphone in his hand, late 1970s. (Photo by Express Newspapers/Getty Images)


  • Steve Jobs

    The tech visionary’s parting words were a tantalizing teaser: “Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow.” Did he catch a glimpse of the other side’s futuristic gadgets? These are the most hopeful last words, in our opinion!

    Apple CEO Steve Jobs Delivers Opening Keynote At Macworld

    SAN FRANCISCO – JANUARY 11: Apple CEO Steve Jobs delivers a keynote address at the 2005 Macworld Expo January 11, 2005 in San Francisco, California. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

  • Humphrey Bogart

    The Hollywood icon’s final farewell was straight out of a movie script. He fittingly quipped, “I should never have switched from scotch to martinis.” Cheers to that, Bogie!

  • Joan Crawford

    The silver screen diva maintained her dramatic flair till the end, instructing her housekeeper, “Don’t you dare ask God to help me!” Now that’s a star who knew what she wanted.

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