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Is Leonardo DiCaprio a Perv?

Is Leonardo DiCaprio a Perv? A Lot of People Think So After Seeing His New Girlfriend

Leonardo DiCaprio looks a little like a Level 3 sex offender these days, especially considering the age of his newest girlfriend. As the “Titanic” actor gets older, his girlfriends get younger.

We think think one just graduated high school!

The 48-year-old Oscar winner was spotted seated next to 19-year-old Israeli model Eden Polani at recent party.

Here’s her instagram:

Is Leonardo DiCaprio a Perv?

Missing from the event was Leo’s current girlfriend Victoria Lamas, who at 23 is 25 years his junior and almost half his age.

Here’s her Instagram:

Um, she looks like she’s a sophomore in high school. But let’s be honest, we know she’s already aging out of his demo at 23.

Leo is notorious for dating young, young women and jettisoning them as soon as they a quarter century.

Is it Peter Pan syndrome? Or more like a Woody Allen ailment?

Anyway, people seem to have HAD IT with the lothario’s pervy peccadillos.

Twitter went nuts when they say Leo with another Lolita.

‘DiCaprio’s girlfriend is so young she probably studied the Romeo and Juliet film he starred in when she was at school.’

‘Leonardo DiCaprio’s new girlfriend is so young that her high school education was interrupted by COVID-19, weirrrrrrrd.’

‘Someone please explain to me what a man nearing 50 has in common with *checks notes* a 19 year old?’

‘Somebody needs to stop leonardo dicaprio. It was funny 10 girlfriends ago.’

‘Leonardo DiCaprio is only worried about climate change because he wants to leave a better world for his girlfriends.’

According to the

Leo’s “more recent yacht outings have been with other women, and he more recently enjoyed a boys’ night out to watch the Los Angeles Lakers.

Lamas was well in line with his past girlfriends, all but one who have apparently been 25 years old or younger, except for the model Gigi Hadid, whom he briefly dated last year.

His latest string of short flings follows his August 2022 breakup with the model-turned-actress Camila Morrone, whom he had been dating for four years.

It appeared to be the first time the Oscar-winner has ever dated a woman older than 25, and Gigi would also be the first woman he has dated who is a mother.

The star has always hit headlines with his relationships, famously dating model Gisele Bündchenfor five years starting when she was 18, to a five-year romance with Bar Refaeli that ended when she turned 25.

Has DiCaprio’s dalliances with the fresh-faced set not sitting well with you? Here’s a timeline of his weird predilection. It’s seriously sus.

By the way, Leo’s birthday is November 11, 1974.

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