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2 New England Summer Towns Also Named Perfect Winter Destinations

Best Summer New England Towns in Winter From Flip-Flops to Frostbite: Embracing the Wintery Wonders of New England Towns So what are the best summer New England towns in Winter? Fodors knows - and named two New England spots perfect winter destinations. According to Fodors: "Come summertime, there are a few quintessentially classic American vacation destinations known specifically for their boating, beaches, and summer escapades—but many travelers aren’t aware that these spots can be just as enjoyable (perhaps even more fun?) in the winter when they’re peacefully devoid of warm weather crowds. These towns don’t shut down or shutter their businesses when the weather gets chilly; instead, they transform into picturesque, cozy places to hibernate." Right? Those charming New England towns that bask in summer perfection, where sun-soaked streets replace the need for GPS because you're never lost when you're in paradise. Fast forward to winter, and surprise! These summer utopias transform into winter wonderlands that rival any snow globe scene. New England winters aren't just about shivering in oversized sweaters; they're about picturesque landscapes straight out of a postcard. Snow blankets the cobblestone streets, turning them into magical pathways where every step is like a dance with Jack Frost. Who needs a tropical beach when you can have a winter stroll worthy of a Hallmark movie? But it's not all about aesthetics. These towns offer more winter activities than you can shake a snow globe at. Embrace your inner child and engage in epic snowball fights, because, let's be real, who doesn't want to relive their glory days? Ice skating rinks pop up like daisies, and trust me, even Bambi would be jealous of your newfound skills. So, ditch the beach vibes and grab a cup of cocoa because New England towns aren't just summer hotspots; they're the coolest winter destinations you never knew you needed. Winter, summer – these towns know how to throw a year-round party, and you're invited. Here are Fodor's two top New England spots:

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