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Rude Person Response!

4 Things You Can Say To Shut Down A Totally Rude Person

A confidence coach came up with four phrases to say if someone is rude to you in public – and  how to get the upper hand.

Confronting a rude person in the moment? Oh boy, that’s like navigating a verbal minefield! Let’s be real – most of us despise being confrontational. It’s like trying to juggle flaming swords, but without the fun of a circus audience.

You see, when faced with rudeness, we often freeze like a deer in headlights. We don’t want to be “that person.” But here’s the kicker: when we don’t say a word, we slink away feeling as defeated as a deflated balloon at a party no one attended.

We’ve all been there.

You know the situation – a rude comment, an eye roll, or a sarcastic jab that hits you like a punch to the gut. You’re left speechless, with your witty comebacks hiding in the Bermuda Triangle of your brain.

So, what happens next? You walk away, and then it hits you – the clever retorts that would make Julia Sugarbaker proud (IYKYK). Your brain goes into overdrive, crafting responses that could have saved the day. But it’s too late.

Your comeback gems are relegated to the dusty corners of your mind, alongside algebra formulas you’ll never use again.

In the end, not confronting rudeness feels like swallowing a bitter pill. We don’t want to stir the pot, but it leaves us stewing in regret. We want to maintain peace, but sometimes, you’ve got to fight for your peace!

Remember, confronting rudeness doesn’t make you a jerk; it makes you a defender of your own dignity. So next time, don’t let those rude comments slide. Prepare your witty comebacks and unleash your inner word ninja. It’s time to stand up and show ’em that you won’t be their verbal punching bag!

Gina Hatzis has the solution when it comes to rude people and rude comments.

She said first you need need to act like the rude comment “did not affect you.”
“The first step is taking a breath and remaining calm, letting your composure, body language, and tone reflect the nonchalance,” the reported.

  • What an odd thing to say out loud!

    Using the phrase “What an odd thing to say out loud!” in response to a nasty comment instantly earns you street cred in the art of wit and confidence. It subtly mocks the absurdity of the rude remark while maintaining a cool, collected demeanor. This phrase makes you come across as unflappable and unimpressed by their negativity, sending the message that you’re in control. It’s like a verbal eye-roll. You demonstrate your social finesse and the ability to handle awkward situations with panache, leaving others admiring your quick thinking and unshakable coolness.

    Rude person. Man yelling at woman.

  • I'm surprised you feel comfortable saying that.

    Using the phrase “I’m surprised you feel comfortable saying that” is a concise and potent way to shut down a nasty comment instantly. It challenges the rude person’s audacity and makes them question their own behavior. It conveys a sense of shock without resorting to anger, leaving the rude individual feeling exposed and on the defensive. This response subtly signals that their comment is out of line and not socially acceptable, often leading them to reconsider their words. It’s like a verbal “STOP” sign that swiftly defuses the situation, compelling the rude person to reflect on the impact of their words.

    Rude person. angry young woman with megaphone shouting at stressed scared man blown away by wave of alphabet letters

  • Did you mean to share that with the group?

    Responding to a rude person with the phrase “Did you mean to share that with the group?” is a smart tactic because it’s a gentle, yet effective way to address their behavior. It puts the spotlight on their rudeness without resorting to aggression. By posing the question, you force the rude individual to reconsider their words and actions in a public setting. This phrase acts as a polite yet powerful nudge, encouraging more civil behavior and making the rude person think twice about their words in a socially-conscious context.

    Rude person. Man yelling

  • Would you mind repeating that?

    The response “Would you mind repeating that” in the face of rudeness is like a linguistic judo move. It’s a polite, subtle way of putting the rude person in their place. By asking them to repeat their rudeness, you highlight their behavior without sinking to their level. It shifts the focus onto their words, making them reevaluate their own actions. It’s like holding up a mirror to their incivility, making them aware of their behavior without stooping to confrontation. In this way, you maintain your composure while subtly reminding the rude person that their words won’t go unnoticed.


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