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3 New England States Named Best Places for Millennials to Live in 2023

Best States for Millennials 2023?

Being a Millennial in the United States can feel like navigating a financial obstacle course.

It’s no walk in the park.

Millennials – people born between 1981 and 1996 – have risen to prominence as the dominant generation in the United States.

Or have they?

Millennials often find themselves doing the budgeting tangos, housing hurdles, school loan mayhem, and other challenges that make them want to pull their hair out.

First off, finances!

Rent, groceries, and student loans—it’s like money’s playing hide-and-seek, and losing. The cost of living has skyrocketed, while paychecks plummet.

Then housing.

Trying to buy a house feels like searching for a unicorn. With sky-high prices, budget-busting interest rates and mountains of debt, homeownership seems about as achievable as winning the lottery.  They’re all just hoping for that one lucky scratch ticket.

School loans?

The never-ending financial nightmare that follows them like a shadow. They wanted to get an education, but now they’re paying off loans with enough zeros to make your head spin. Who thought that was a good idea?

Socially, it’s no picnic either.

They’ve got FOMO on steroids, thanks to social media. It’s like a constant highlight reel of perfect vacations, fabulous parties, and dream jobs, making them question their life choices. Comparing yourself to others on the ‘gram is not good for anyone’s mental health.

Lastly, the world’s a bit of a mess right now, and they’re grappling with all of it—climate change, political divisions, and everything in between.

So where can a Millennial keep their head high and avocado toast handy?

Best States for Millennials 2023

According to a new survey from, three New England states cracked the top 10 best places for Millennials to live. They took into account 52 metrics in 7 key dimensions:

“Affordability, Political & Social Environment, Employment, Quality of Life, Health, Personal Finance, and Safety. Read on to find out which state is the best, and how other states ranked in comparison.”

So where should Millennials move?

  • #6 Maine

    Hey, fellow millennials, why Maine, you ask? Well, for starters, it’s the land of lobsters, and you can indulge in mouthwatering lobster rolls at little seaside shacks that even some locals don’t know about! Plus, did you know Maine has the most coastline of any U.S. state? So, you’re basically living next door to the ocean, which is pretty cool. And don’t forget, Stephen King, the master of horror, finds his inspiration in the spooky and charming streets of Bangor, Maine – perfect for those who love a good thriller and an even better cup of chowder! And more good news! Millennials in Maine have a high rate of home ownership, coming in at #3 on the list.

  • #5 Vermont

    Vermont has the lowest gender pay gap in the country, according to the study. Plus, what’s not to love about Vermont? Well, for starters, it’s the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream mecca, where you can visit their flavor graveyard and pay homage to retired scoops like “Wavy Gravy.”  And, if you’re into snowboarding, the Burton Snowboards company was born right here, making it a winter wonderland for shredders and adventure seekers!

  • #3 Massachusetts

    Massachusetts: highest Millennial average income! Yay! Massachusetts is wicked awesome for a reason! Not only is it home to the world-famous Boston Red Sox, but did you know the Fig Newton cookie was named after the town of Newton? You can munch on history here! Plus, Massachusetts is a hub for innovation, with MIT and Harvard paving the way for groundbreaking tech and research, making it a prime spot for those who dream big and think beyond the box!

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