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Bob & LBF in the Morning

9 Songs Guaranteed to Make You Happy Science Says, So We Tested Them!

A university professor in London named Dr. Michael Bonshor, who has a PhD in music psychology (um, where can I get THAT degree?) claims to have cracked the formula to creating a happy song.

Basically, the song has to be in a major key, with 137 beats per minute, a strong beat, four beats in every bar, and a verse-chorus-verse-chorus structure is a sure-fire way to produce a happy beat.

It should also have a short intro, repeated riffs, high volume, bright tone, and a mix of predictability and surprises.

Oh, and it has to be something you can dance to.

The scientist also came up with an original piece that has ALL the happy fixins.

It’s called “The Lighter Note” and I can’t say I hated it.

I’m going to give it the ultimate test and see if, when I play it WHILE putting away three loads of laundry, I’m still in a good mood.

Now that’s what I call SCIENCE.

Listen to A Lighter Note Here

According to the report:

The happy formula has also been turned into a pitch-perfect track, called The Lighter Note, featuring upbeat notes, peppy chords, and feel-good musical breaks – which has been produced by Jamie P and Oliver Price and is available on Soundcloud. The track was commissioned by Müllerlight, which teamed up with Dr. Bonshor and also conducted research of 2,000 adults that discovered 32 percent turn to music daily to improve their mood.

As for popular songs, I’m not a “paid” scientist, but I contend if you listen to Danny Kaye’s “I’ve Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts” OR “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” from Spamalot, you cannot help but be happy.

Trust me on this.

Here’s some other fun news:

“It takes an average of just 14 seconds for these songs to start working their magic. Pop, rock, and dance rank as the three happiest genres of music, while 71 percent feel music is one of the most powerful influences for changing or reinforcing their mood. Half believe the power of music is actually underestimated, and 38 percent recognize it can deliver amazing highs and lows.

But I’ll give it to this dude. He might be on to something.

Without further ado, 9 songs guaranteed to make you happy says science:

  • 9. Waterloo by ABBA

    You know, we’re starting off the list a little sus, IMHO. My kid listened to this song on repeat after Mamma Mia 2 came out, and I can tell you this: after hearing it for weeks on end, I was NOT happy at all.

  • 8. Y.M.C.A by the Village People

    This song usually makes me happy, unless I’m at a wedding and someone “Y’s” with too much exuberance and knocks the drink out of my hand. What definitely makes me happy is this official music video. The ’70s were a TIME.

  • 7. I Get Around by the Beach Boys

    At first I was like, um, this makes my DAD happy. Maybe even his Dad. But then I gave it a listen and I get it! You cannot help by be-bop your little head and smile. It’s simple, there’s clapping, you’re picturing the beach. Try it!


  • 6. Sun is Shining by Bob Barley

    OK, I’ve never heard this song! What is wrong with me? It’s the chillest of all of the happy songs. But it’s got an extremely relaxing back beat and I feel very sleepy and smiley. And I’ve had two medium Dunkin’ coffees AND took my kid to the dentist already. Who needs an edible?? This works!

  • 5. Uptown Girl by Billy Joel

    Great song. Billy Joel. Christie Brinkley. But when Bill Hader hums it during surgery in his role in “Trainwreck”? That’s when you’re like: this is a REALLY good song! Also, this scene always make me happy!


  • 4. Get the Party Started by P!nk

    Again, I was skeptical. I have HEARD it so many times I thought it would just be background. But it kind of makes me want to chop off all my hair, wear a belly shirt and cargos and drink a fifth of whiskey. You know, a typical Tuesday.

  • 3. House of Fun by Madness

    This one didn’t do it for me at all. I wanted to turn it down. It has a Baby Shark feel and a Teletubbies vibe. These combo does not make me happy.

  • 2. I Got You (I Feel Good) by James Brown

    Ever since James Brown sang in Rocky 4, I was a fan. But this one reminds me of Robin Williams in “Good Morning Vietnam” and Robin Williams was the human form of feeling happy, so a winner here.

  • 1. Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys

    Here it is folks. THE SONG GUARANTEED TO LIFT YOU OUT A CRAPPY MOOD. Dunkin’ coffee cup dripping all over your car? Put this on. Kid flunking out of college? Put this on. Wife cheating? Put it on. Hey, they aren’t wrong. This is a trippy, fun, jam. Have the happiest day!

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