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8 Amazing And Romantic Things To Do In Boston For Your Anniversary

8 Amazing And Romantic Things To Do In Boston For Your Anniversary! OK, this month marks our 25th wedding anniversary and the pressure was on. But I planned the perfect Boston weekend that was both amazing and romantic. And if you follow these 8 top tips, you will have a perfect anniversary weekend. (It actually doesn't have to be an anniversary. Girls weekend. Mother's Day. Anything you want. Just get into Boston because it's simply bursting with beauty these days.) A little background on us first: Dave and I met in November of 1994.  I was an editorial assistant at the Boston Herald on Harrison Ave. (It's now a Whole Foods. This is wholly depressing, but I digress.) He was a grad student studying journalism at Northeastern. I was promoted to Teen Page reporter (yes, this was a thing) and he got my old job as EA. Which meant I got to train him! (Weird flex, but OK.) Anyway, we became friends. Well, that's what I had in mind. He asked me out after three months. (Can you believe I turned THIS down? I was a BIG DUMMY.) I said "You don't have a car. How are you going to take me out?" I was stalling. He got a car. He asked  me out again. This time I said "I really don't date guys I work with." Meanwhile, I was dating ALL the guys I worked with. Well, then we really did become friends. We'd hang out. Go to dinner. I'd steal some of his fries off his cafeteria plate. Here we are meeting the mayor at some work event. Not a DATE, though. And he'd ask me out and I'd say no and we danced this dance for a long time. LIKE  TWO YEARS LONG. Yup. He asked me out for TWO YEARS. Can you even believe it? After two years, I went on vacation for two weeks. And when I came back, Dave had a new girlfriend. So I called my friend Stacy, who worked with me at the Herald. I said: "Dave has a girlfriend." And she said: "Well, you have turned him down for TWO YEARS. It's time he moved on." I said: "Well, maybe I don't want him to move on." She said: "You know you'll have to kiss him, right?" I said: "Maybe that's not such a bad idea." To which she replied: "HANG UP THIS PHONE RIGHT NOW, CALL HIM AND TELL HIM TO BREAK UP WITH HER AND DATE YOU." I did. He broke up with the girl. And I eventually did kiss him.   We were engaged nine months later and married nine months after that. Now it's been 25 years! This is my favorite story. Can you tell? Now, without further ado: 8 Amazing And Romantic Things To Do In Boston For Your Anniversary!

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