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March Madness! Just When You Thought Winter Was Over, Storm Set to Slam New England!

Ah, another winter storm is coming.

How exciting! I can hardly contain my excitement as I anticipate the joy of shoveling snow, slipping on icy sidewalks, and enduring the bone-chilling cold.

Yes, the winter storm is like a gift that keeps on giving.

It brings us the delightful experience of freezing temperatures, power outages, and canceled plans. Who wouldn’t want to huddle under blankets, sip on hot cocoa, and hope that the furnace doesn’t break down?

And let’s not forget the beauty of the winter wonderland, where everything is covered in a thick layer of snow and ice. The trees, the roads, the cars – all transformed into frosty sculptures that remind us of the wonders of nature.

Of course, we can’t appreciate this beauty unless we venture outside and risk getting frostbite or slipping on black ice.

But the best part of the winter storm is the opportunity it provides for us to complain. We can whine about the cold, the snow, the wind, and the inconvenience it causes. We can commiserate with our neighbors and co-workers, exchanging tales of misery and woe. It’s a bonding experience, really.

And let’s not forget the thrill of driving on icy roads, where every turn and brake could be a life-or-death situation.

It’s like a video game come to life, except the stakes are higher and the consequences are real.

So, yes, bring on the winter storm. Let’s embrace the cold, the snow, and the chaos. Revel in the misery and the discomfort. Make the most of this opportunity to complain and bond with our fellow human beings. Who needs sunny beaches and warm weather when you have a winter storm?

So what can we expect?

According to WCVB-TV’s StormTeam 5 Chief Meteorologist Cindy Fitzgibbon:

“This is a nor’easter so that means wind, rain and snow. It is going to start out as rain and change to snow with the heaviest snow in the higher elevations,”  she said. “Even where we get about 4 to 5 inches of snow, it is going to be heavy and wet and stick to everything.”


The storm will arrive tonight night and really get going. Wind gusts of up to 60 miles per hour are expected along the coast, and 35-45 miles per hour in other parts of Massachusetts.


“Points along the North Shore could see anywhere from 2 to 6 inches of snow with 2 to 4 inches for the South Shore and South Coast. A coating to 2 inches of snow is expected on the Cape and the Islands. About 6 inches of snow is expected in Boston with up to 8 inches for the Metrowest and Merrimack Valley,” Boston 25 meteorologist Shiri Spear reported. 

Meanwhile, the commute on Tuesday is going to be a nightmare:

“Travel could be very difficult to impossible. The hazardous conditions will impact both the morning and evening commutes on Tuesday. Gusty winds could bring down tree branches,” the National Weather Service said in an advisory.

“People should avoid being outside in forested areas and around trees and branches. If possible, remain in the lower levels of your home during the windstorm, and avoid windows. Use caution if you must drive,” the NWS said.

Wednesday: Rain and snow and major cleanup.

Stay safe out there!





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