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Bob & LBF in the Morning

Bob & LBF in the Morning

Kid watching TV and changing channels with remote control.

You want to sell me what?

11 Wildly  Inappropriate Vintage Commercials will make you question everything you know.

You know vintage commercials. Those delightful relics of a time gone by when gender stereotypes were rampant, racial insensitivity was the norm, and smoking was not only socially acceptable but downright fashionable.

Truly, a golden age of advertising.

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Ads  sexualized women and objectified them as nothing more than eye candy. Then there are the ones that perpetuated harmful racial stereotypes.

Vintage commercials were a masterclass in inappropriate messaging.

Who can forget the iconic Marlboro Man, the rugged cowboy who convinced millions of impressionable young men that smoking was the epitome of masculinity?

Or the “charmingly” sexist ads that told women they could only be happy and fulfilled if they had the latest household gadget or cleaning product?

And let’s not forget the cringe-worthy commercials that shamelessly promoted unhealthy and dangerous products.

Who needs seatbelts when you can drive a car with “power brakes” and “power steering”? And why bother with healthy eating when you can have a sugary bowl of cereal for breakfast?

Yes, vintage commercials were truly a sight to behold.

But let’s be honest, they were also a product of their time. They reflected the values and attitudes of the society in which they were created, and while that doesn’t excuse their inappropriate content, it does help us understand why they were so prevalent.

Thankfully, we’ve come a long way since the days of inappropriate vintage commercials. Advertising has become more diverse, inclusive, and socially responsible, and companies are increasingly held accountable for the messages they put out into the world.

But let’s not forget the lessons of the past. Let’s use these vintage commercials as a reminder of how far we’ve come, and how much further we still have to go.

It all seemed very sweet. But look closer. Some of these ads will make you want to call the cops.

Or at least a family therapist.

  • Johnson Boats

    OK, perhaps the term wasn’t part of the vernacular back then. But that’s the ONLY excuse.

  • Balzac

    Overheard in the pitch room:

    Person 1: “So, it’s a ball and it’s kind of like a hacky sac.”

    Person: 2 “We should combine the two words!”

    Person: 3 “Great idea!”

    Voice over: “It was, as they found out later, not a great idea.”

  • The Wunder Boner

    OK, this is a joke, right? I mean, it’s an SNL spoof, correct? Did this actually air on the TELEVISION?


    Ok, this is SERIOUSLY messed up. Trigger warning. Literally.

  • Minolta X7

    Hey, we want to sell you a camera! Especially if you are a pervert who likes to spy on women who randomly take off their clothes. Also, the look at the end? Male fantasy. She’s not smiling. She’s filing a 51A.

  • The Flintstones

    I love my children’s cartoons chock full of sexism and sponsored by a product that will go on to kill millions of people. Fred and Barney, you should be ASHAMED!

  • National Airlines

    Ride Judy. Good GOD in heaven. I can’t even with this.

  • Love's Baby Soft

    I don’t know what level 3 sex offender was in charge of this campaign, but my guess is his work bonus was a white van, duct tape and chloroform. This is so messed up, I need to go bleach my eyes.

  • Nestea Plunge

    The best wet yet. I’m just going to leave this here.

  • Maxwell House

    I’m hoping this husband falls off his stupid boat and is eaten slowly by a swarm of sharks.

  • Folgers

    Mrs. Olson, why are you teaching this woman how to make coffee? You should be taking her to family court so she can divorce this smug jerk.

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