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The Husband-Calling Contest is Real – and It’s SPECTACULAR!

I was Today Years Old when I found out there’s such a thing as a Husband-Calling Contest and it’s as magical and unbelievable as you’d think.

Thanks to the Iowa State Fair – PS: visiting an honest-to-goodness state fair is on my bucket list – this competition is legit. Every year THIS HAPPENS:

“Women of all ages showed off their impressive lung capacity and ability to corral their husbands using different communication strategies, such as repetition, yodeling, nagging and shrieking,” the New York Post reported. “For example, the fifth-place competitor opened the video by repeating her husband’s name and complaining about his tardiness.”

“Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, hurry up. I don’t want be late,” she screams.

This clip is from 2023 and is making the rounds on TikTok. WHY the United States government wants to ban this social GOLDMINE is something I’ll never understand.


some good ol’ fashioned “husband calling” at the iowa state fair #iowastatefair #husbandcalling #yoohoo #idkidk #americana #fyp

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Jay Stahl of the Des Moines Register reports:

“According to the State Fair’s marketing director Mindy Williamson, the husband calling contest is a part of the Heritage competitions held in Pioneer Hall at the Fairgrounds and features about 12 to 15 entries every year.

“Other contests include mom calling, hog calling, and more competitive family-friendly events.

“The schedule of contests is posted in mid-summer before the fair starts and potential entrants can typically sign up an hour before the competitions begin at Pioneer Hall.

“The TikTok video, clipped from an Iowa PBS video of the contest, illustrates that year’s top five finalists’ efforts to win the grand prize of $5. All participants received a ribbon.”

Here is a previous clip from the husband-calling contest of yesteryear.

I’ve decided every marriage needs one of these calls.

And I have FURTHER decided that the best husband call of all time – cinematically speaking – is that off Perry’s wife from “Arthur”.

You know what I’m talking about. And if you don’t, then behold:

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